Direct TV & Satellite TVReviews

Satellite TV / Direct TV is great, but finding the best providor can be a huge pain. I've done a lot of research, and by far the service I'm most impressed with is Dish Pronto.

Dish Pronto offers:

Right now Dish Pronto is even offering a free $100 gift for signing up; you can either get a home theater system or airline tickets. Not sure how long this deal will last though, so I'd suggest acting fast if you're interested in that part. Of course, their Direct TV / Satellite TV service is pretty incredible even when they don't have special deals like this. :)

Some other Satellite TV providors charge well over $100 per month, they don't give you neat free stuff like Dish Pronto stuff, and they don't offer as many channels.

Check Dish Pronto out! It's by far the best Satellite TV service I've seen, and this is coming from a TV junkie who always gets the most out of their money. :)

Click here, sign up, and Enjoy your new Satellite TV!

Not convinced? Neither was I... I'm a bit of a skeptic. I did my research, though, and this was by far the best deal I could find online, and everyone seems very very happy with their service (which you can't say about all other providers). If you think you've found a better provider though, please let me know so I can update this page and change my own home to it! :)