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Phantasy Star Online OST - 12.24.02

When I bought Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast, I wasn't expecting any killer soundtrack or anything. After I turned on the game and listened to the opening song (~The Whole New World~) I figured I wouldn't be in such a trunade of repetitive music playing over and over again, getting slowly annoying after time. I got what I expected and then some too. The songs are well done and sets the mood of the game really well.

After playing the game for awhile. I quickly rushed towards my nearest OST provider and got the OST to this game. It features most of the songs in Phantasy Star Online Ver. 1 for the Dreamcast, including the lyrical versions of the opening and ending theme. However, it is missing a large chunk of the other songs found in the game, this OST just features the meat of game's soundtrack. That is the only thing I don't like about this OST but it does not make me dislike the OST at all.

There is one small easter egg of sorts. If you browse the CD on your computer, you will find a program. This is a PSO Clock for your computer, it even has a little Puzzle Tile-Sliding Minigame for you to tool around with. While this is not really much to speak off, at least they added something unlike most OSTs out there.

Overall, if you are an avid player of PSO and like the music, get this OST. You won't find the Ver 2 songs or the Episode 1 & 2 songs but you can always cover those.


Phantasy Star Online
1.Phantasy Star Online Opening Theme ~the Whole New World~ (Lyric Version) 1:36
2.A Song For Eternal Story 1:37
3.Pioneer 2 1:32
4.Codes of Silence 1:22
5.Mother earth of dishonesty PART1 2:14
6.Mother earth of dishonesty PART2 2:12
7.Growl, from the depths of the earth 1:20
8.After the story 1 2:22
9.The kink in the wind and the way PART1 2:20
10.The kink in the wind and the way PART2 2:21
11.From seeing the rough wave 1:29
12.Empty space out of control PART1 1:35
13.Empty space out of control PART2 1:35
14.The crazy program 1:17
15.You have nowhere to go 1:36
16.After the story 2 2:23
17.Revolution to the origin PART1 2:36
18.Revolution to the origin PART2 2:43
19.Pray, for "IDOLA" the distorted 2:28
20.Cry, for "IDOLA" the holy 2:54
21.Can still see the light (Lyric Version)~Phantasy Star Online ENDING THEME~ 4:44
22.Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME~The whole new world~ (Wind Orchestra Version) 2:51
23.Can still see the light ~Phantasy Star Online ENDING THEME~ (Wind Orchestra Version) 4:05

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