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About Bahamut ZERO

Name: Adam Botting
Aliases: Bahamut ZERO (Forums), Bahamut_ZERO (IRC and not to be confused with Bahamut-Zero), Nexadam (in the depths of imagination.)
Date of Birth: 15th August, 1982
Location: Sussex, England. Although also Hampshire, England. And, uh, Erikim (once more, in the depths of imagination)


As far as the dragon was concerned, there was no FFShrine before the big forum crash in the fall of 2001, beginning of 2002. Bahamut ZERO used the main site for reference on occasion after everything had fallen apart, but did not join the forum, nor acknowledged the presence of a forum, until January 2002, when cold and shivering within a shanty house at University, and with several house mates playing Quake III after beer consumption, he decided to become a member of the community.

FFShrine became an online home for Bahamut ZERO as he became a regular poster at the community, offering his own brand of humour where possible. A three month self-imposed exile whilst playing Morrowind ended with him returning to the forum in the fall of 2002, and becoming a semi-regular within the IRC chat room, where upon people got to know him as "the guy who eats and Tera Flares stuff."

Finally, in January 2003, Bahamut ZERO was made a moderator of the Final Fantasy IX, General Gaming and RPG forums. Since then he has also sunk his claws in the Technical Forum and General Review forums. Upon hearing that the previous scholar, the legendary ExS, could not continue with his duties, Bahamut ZERO begun to incessantly badger MogKnight to letting him fill in with his own brand of articles. After a campaign that lasted months, MogKnight finally relented.

As well as Final Fantasy and other RPGs, Bahamut ZERO has written a string of creative fiction stories, some for his own personal amusement and some for a more serious attempt to get published. His other interests include the fantasy genre of story books, Red Dwarf and Science Fiction in general, computers (clever little boxes that they are), beer (though to a lesser extent these days), and motor sport (especially Formula 1.)

Bahamut ZERO is currently one of those student types, studying the cheapest pints of lager he can find, and when he has to, going to lectures for the final year of his Electronic and Computer Engineering degree. Bahamut ZERO hopes to leave some sort of impact upon the Shrine with his unique style of writing, and hopes that people will enjoy his work and reply to it.

Quote of the Week

"To be forgotten is worse than death."
- Freya Crescent, Final Fantasy IX

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