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Final Fantasy XII Preview: Page III

Next on Square's site was some new pictures of the main characters. The main characters' names were also confirmed to be Ashe and Vaan (previously though to be "Van"). Here we go...

(A pose of Vaan sitting down, click on it to go to the full-sized profile of Vaan)

(A cute but already familiar pose of Ashe, click on it to go to the full-sized profile)

(Sadly, this picture isn't clickable like the rest... see below for more information)

We've found out a number of things already from this. First off, Vaan and Ashe are both considered to be of the Hume race, which more than implies that other races will appear in the game (as if Furan/Fran wasn't enough proof). We also see the mystery character, which was not clickable; we'll assume this'll be filled in with Furan/Fran when the time comes.

Click here to continue to page IV of the Final Fantasy XII preview. FMV shots are next!

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