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Final Fantasy XII Preview: Page II

Square-enix's official site launches, with the first official media available to the public. After an amazing soft, calm introduction on Square's site, we see the ominous logo appear (without all the clutter from the Jump scan)...

(Click on the above image for the full-sized version)

The first immediate difference from past logos is the featured character, which we'll assume is the villain (since Vaan and Ashe have already been declared the central characters). All of the previous games included the protagonist in the logo. But that wasn't the only shift; this is also the largest logo we've ever seen for a Final Fantasy game.

After the logo, we're given the first peak at some in-game screenshots (some of which were featured in the original magazine scan, but at a lower quality)...





Quite a few interesting conclusions can be made from the pictures. First off, we'll assume that there will be some pretty radical changes in climate (look at picture one, then compared it to picture four). So we'll most likely be dealing with a pretty large world, hopefully larger than any we've had the pleasure of experiencing in the past. The next biggie would be from picture five; first, we see the return of the traditional three-person battle. Also note that the max HP and MP... In the same picture, we also get a glance at a new character who has not yet been officially named, but roughly translated turns out to be "Furan" (perhaps Fran?).

We get a glance at a few of the monsters, and a few of the new races.

Still want more? Click here to continue to page III of the Final Fantasy XII preview. More character profiles are next!

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