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Final Fantasy XII Preview: Page I

Shortly after Square-enix announced the big information release day for Final Fantasy XII (November 19th), we got a nice preview in Japan's Jump magazine. This was the original scan, and it was our first peak at the new characters...

(Click for the full-sized magazine scan from Jump)

Not very long after the scan was floating around the net, we had some of the names translated: Van (Vaan) and Ashe.

(Pretty cute there, Ashe. Note the flower that also appeared on Square's into...)

(Interesting male-lead, definitely can see influences from some of the past games)

Although the scan was a bit cluttered, it was quite obvious that the new logo was there...

(The new villain, perhaps..?)

This was our big first peak. Intriguing characters, a compelling game logo, and some previews of in-game screenshots. However, we were all really waiting for November 19th...

Click here to continue to page II of the Final Fantasy XII preview.

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