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Battle Commands

/autotarget: "/autotarget x" x = on/off. When on, the target will lock on automatically when an enemy appears
/assist, /as: Help a party member by attacking a monster they are attacking.
/attack, /a: "/attack x" Set x = on for battle mode on. Set x = off for battle mode off.
/attackchange: Changes your current target.
/attackoff: Cancel the attack mode.
/help, /h: Allows the current target to be attacked by anyone. The downside is that no experience will be given out.
/range, /ra, /throw, /shoot: Attacks the enemy from long-range depending on your equipped weapon.

Chat Commands

/chatmode, /cm: Displays current chat mode. /chatmode subcommand will change your chat mode to "subcommand". For example, replacing subcommand with party will set your chatmode to party mode.
/linkshell, /l: Communicate with Linkshell members
/shout, /sh: Speak to everyone around you.
/tell: Speak to a certain player. /tell x would speak to "x".

Keyboard Shortcut Commands

F1 - F6: Selects a new party member
F7: Same as F1.
F8: Targets the closest NPC.
F9: Targets the closet playable character.
F10: Selects the closest party member.
Ctrl/Alt: Use a Macro.
Ctrl + A or Alt + A: Switches attack mode on/off.
Ctrl + C or Alt + C: Examine the target.
Ctrl + E or Alt + E: Opens your equipment window.
Ctrl + G or Alt + G: Allows the target to be attacked by anyone. No experience will be given out.
Ctrl + H or Alt + H: Sits your character down.
Ctrl + I or Alt + I: Opens your item window.
Ctrl + J or Alt + J: View your current ability.
Ctrl + L or Alt + L: Sets your chat mode to Linkshell.
Ctrl + M or Alt + M: Opens your magic window.
Ctrl + P or Alt + P: Sets your chat mode to party.
Ctrl + R or Alt + R: Replies to the last person to send you a "tell message".
Ctrl + S or Alt + S: Changes your chat mode to Say.
Ctrl + T or Alt + T: Changes your chat mode to Tell.
Ctrl + V or Alt + V: Changes your point of view between 1st and 3rd person.
Ctrl + W or Alt + W: View your weapon ability.
Ctrl + D or Alt + D: Uses a long-range weapon.

Linkshell Commands

/breaklinkshell, /breakli: Removes yourself from the current linkshell.
/makelinkshell, /makeli: Create a Linkshell.
/renamelinkshell, renameli: Changes the linkshell's name.

Moogle House Commands

/bank: Opens the Moogle house storage.
/garden: Opens the cultivating menu.
/layout: Opens the layout menu.
/tribune: Allows you to read the Vanadiel Newspaper.

Online Status Commands

/online: Normal status.
/away: Sets your status to "Away"
/busy: Sets your status to "Busy"
/hide: Conceals your online profile.

Party + Alliance Commands (Leader Only)

/alliancecmd, /acmd: "/alliancecmd x y" where x can be Add (y = Leader to of party to be invited to alliance), Leave (no y), Kick (y = the leader of the party to be kicked from the alliance), or Breakup (no y).
/decline: Decline an invitation to a party.
/invite, /inv: /invite On/Off, where On will allow you to be open to invitations. Off will decline all invitations.
/join: Join an alliance.
/partycmd, /pcmd: /partycmd On/Off, where On will allow you to be open to party invitations. Off will decline them.

Play Commands

/follow: Makes you follow your target.
/check, /c: Examine the target.
/fish: Fishing is enabled.
/heal: Sits your character down.
/lockon: Allows you to lock onto a target.
/magic, /ma: Syntax is "/magic name target" where name is the magic attack and target is the target you wish to preform the magic on.
/song, /so: "/song name target" where name is the name of the song, and target is the target you want to sing to.
/jobability, /ja: "/jobability name <me>" sets your job ability.
/weaponskill, ws: "/weaponskill name <t>" sets your weapon ability.
/targetnpc: Targets through the closest NPCs.
/targetpc: Targets through the closest playable characters.

Poll Commands

/nominate, /propose: Asks a poll. You must replaces spaces with another character.
/vote: "/vote <option #>" Replace # with a number.

Search Commands

/search, /sea: Allows you to search for race.

System Commands

/?: Lists a summary of all commands.
/? x: Lists a summary of "x" command,
/anon: Allows you to be anonymous.
/blocklist x y, blist x y: x = add/delete. y = name you want to block.
/clock: Displays the current time in Japan and in Vanadiel.
/datafile: Allows you to read the online data file.
/friendlist, /flist: Opens your friend list.
/keyitem: Opens the "Key Items" menu.
/map: Opens the map.
/quest: Opens the quest log
/mission: Opens your mission window.
/name x: x = on/off. Allows you to see player's names over their head.
/playtime, /playlog: Shows the amount of time you've been playing the current character.
/pol: Returns you to the Playonline Viewer.
/random: Chooses a random number from 2-998
/regionmap, /rmap: Shows the Region map.
/servmes, /smes: Displays the last server message that was displayed.
/supportdesk: Opens the support desk.
/ver: Shows the current version of FFXI.


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