Final Fantasy Music


Final Fantasy 11 Prologue

The world of Vana’diel is a crossroads of magic, swords, and technology.
. It is also a battlefield where those who believe in light face monsters that thrive in darkness. The struggle centers on the control of crystals: sacred stones that are the fundamental source of all creation.

The monsters showed no mercy as they laid waste to beautiful towns, ravaged the land, and polluted the streams and rivers of Vana’diel. But the people united to seize victory from the jaws of the beastmen, earning themselves temporary respite from a life-and-death struggle.

Twenty years have passed since the people’s great victory. But now, even as the memories of battle have begun to fade, a new evil grows inside Vana’diel...

And it hungers for the power of the crystals.

Final Fantasy 11 Release

The Rise of the Zilart Expansion Pack was released with the US version of Final Fantasy 11. Currently the game is only available to US gamers via the PC. Expect a PS2 release later.

Play Online!

This Final Fantasy is ONLINE only and is currently only out for the PC in the US. This game is also PAY-TO-PLAY.

Introduction - A basic introduction to Final Fantasy 11, the story, and brief details on the release and re-release. Also includes payment information (initial cost, pay-to-play, etc).

MIDI Downloads - Music from the original game soundtrack, but in MIDI form. Small file sizes for quick, easy and fast downloads!

Soundtracks - A complete list of all the Final Fantasy 11 soundtracks. Includes the Original Soundtrack/OST, and the Expansion/Ziraat soundtrack!

Sheet Music - Final Fantasy sheet music, most often from piano. Sometimes this sheet music may be scans from an officially released book of music (though often only available in Japan), or sometimes the sheet music is created by fans for fans.

Wallpapers - Official Final Fantasy wallpapers. High resolution/quality. Originally posted on Square's site.

FAQ - A general Final Fantasy 11 FAQ in plain text.

Fishing FAQ - Another plain text FAQ, this time dealing specifically with fishing. Includes fishing strategy, tips and suggestions.

Cover Scans - Scans from the cover of the game. If we're missing some, please submit them!

Game Logo - The official Final Fantasy 11 game logo. High quality image.

Final Fantasy 11 Index

- Introduction
- MIDI Downloads
- Soundtracks
- Sheet Music
- Wallpapers
- Fishing FAQ
- Cover Scans
- Game Logo
- Requirements
- Benchmark Info
- Command List
- World Map
- Magic Lists
--- BLM Magic List
--- BRD Song List
--- DRK Magic List
--- PLD Magic List
--- RDM Magic List
--- WHM Magic List
- Job Abilities
--- BLM Job Abils
--- BRD Job Abils
--- BST Job Abils
--- DRG Job Abils
--- DRK Job Abils
--- MNK Job Abils
--- NIN Job Abils
--- PLD Job Abils
--- RDM Job Abils
--- SMN Job Abils
--- WHM Job Abils
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