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Final Fantasy 10-2 Tips, Hints and Secrets

Don't Overlook Anything! - Submitted by MogKnight

Before you touch any Hotspots in each chapter, go to each area to be sure that you don't miss anything useful or helpful. It'll help you in the long run as you might find Dress Spheres and it'll also help you get 100% complete on your second or third time around.

Be Mindful of What's Equipped - Submitted by Vivi FF

When you are in an unsure place, it's best to make sure your better dress spheres are equipped and/or easily accessible from your current dress sphere. Encountering a really tough monster or boss when you're in the middle of learning abilities for a party consisting of a White Mage, Black Mage, and Songstress could prove deadly.

Placement of Spheres - Submitted by Vivi FF

When placing dress spheres on a Garmet Grid, it's best to make sure your best dress sphere (Dark Knight, Mascot) is on there somewhere as well as a curative dress sphere (White Mage, Alchemist). It would be wise to have Gun Mages in case you encounter a fiend with a Blue Bullet spell.

Equipment Overkill? - Submitted by Vivi FF

Because you have only three party members, you should always have no more than three of any piece fo equipment. Some are understandable as two equipped would give more bonuses (ie. equipping two Hyper Wrists will give you +80 in Strength, +40 for each). However, some cannot be doubled up (ie. Star Pendants because you can't guard against posion for twice as much). So you should sell any excess equipment, including outdated ones (Why have 3 HP +20% accessories, when you have 3 HP +100%?)

Easy Gil - Submitted by Vivi FF

To obtain a large amount of cash (probably for paying of O'aka's debt), head over to Guadosalem in Chapter 2 (becareful you don't start up Hotspot mission). Save your game, then go to the Inn Keeper and ask to buy some new data. The data costs 10,000 gil, but you'll be able to sell it a specific person in Guadosalem based on a clue. If his clue is "The person you least expect" then that's what we're looking for. If not, reset and load up the game again and try again. Once you get that clue, sell the data to the innkeeper. He'll give you 100,000 gil for it, ironically, giving you a 90,000 profit! With all that money, you can buy 99 of everything at O'aka's in order to reduce his debt. Note: Once you pay off his debt, you'll be able to buy really cheap from him, and sell for much more gil to Barkeep. Do this a few times to get even more gil!

Easy Leveling - Submitted by Vivi FF

If you have trouble leveling up, obtain the Lady Luck dressphere and learn the Double EXP ability. Trust me, this really does help out with levels! Note: Only the character with LadyLuck equiped with that ability will recieve twice as much EXP.

Quick Access - Submitted by acpo

If you want to get access to your special dressphere as fast as possible, use a garment grid with few nodes for dresspheres, like Unerring Path. It has only two nodes for dresspheres, so after one change, you gain access to your special dressphere!

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