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Final Fantasy X-2: Garment Grids

The Dress Spheres certainly seem to get the most attention out of all of the features in Final Fantasy 10-2's battle system, but the Garment Grids play an equal role in forming the strategy behind the battles. Yuna, Rikku and Paine can all equip different Garment Grids which can manipulate not only statistics and abilities, but they can also determine which Dress Spheres you can use.

Each circle (or node) on a Garment Grid can have a Dress Sphere attached (or equipped) to it. During a battle, once every turn, a character can move one space along the Garment Grid to change their current Dress Sphere. As you move along a Garment Grid, you may also gain certain pre-assigned abilities or bonuses.

Not all Dress Spheres can be equipped on any Garment Grid, but you're always free to re-assign Dress Spheres for the current Grid outside of battle.

60 Garment Grids exist in the game, but it's not possible to collect all of them in any one game. They do carry over in your next game, and it's possible to attain all 60 during your second play.

A - Hi Hi - Sc Se - Z 
Bitter Farewell Highroad Winds Seething Cauldron
Black Tabard Horn of Plenty Selene Guard
Blood of the Beast Hour of Need Shining Mirror
Bum Rush Howling Wind Still of Night
Chaos Maelstrom Ice Queen Stonehewn
Chaos Maelstrom Immortal Soul Strength of One
Covenant of Growth Megiddo Supreme Light
Covetous Menace of the Deep Tempered Will
Disaster in Bloom Mercurial Strike Tetra Master
Downtrodder Mortal Coil The End
Enigma Plate Mounted Assault Thunder Spawn
First Steps Pride of the Sword Treasure Hunt
Flash of Steel Protection Halo Tricks of the Trade
Font of Power Raging Giant Undying Storm
Healing Light Ray of Hope Unerring Path
Healing Wind Restless Sleep Unwavering Guard
Heart of Flame Sacred Beast Valiant Lustre
Heart Reborn Salvation Promised Vanguard
Helios Guard Samurai's Honor White Signet
Higher Power Scourgebane Wishbringer
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