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Final Fantasy X-2 Battle Quotes: Game Over and Miscellaneous Quotes

Game Over:

Yuna: Somebody? Anybody?

Yuna: This is all wrong.

Yuna: No.

Rikku: Owie. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook

Rikku: No way... - Submitted via e-mail by FeedBak67

Rikku: Huh?

Rikku: Oh, rats.

Paine: So this is it?

Paine: You're... no pushover. - Submitted via e-mail by akabryan12205

Paine: How embarrassing.

Paine: I failed. - Submitted via e-mail by thedelf2002

Baralai: (lose Bevelle battle against him) I'm sorry.


Logos: This cannot be. (falls during the first battle)

Ormi: Boss. (falls during the first battle)

Auron: Yuna, Rikku, Paine, this is your time you must defend it. (said during fight with Vegnagun's head) - Submitted by Mystery_Man

Jecht: You can't reach those nodes with a sword. (during Vegnagun's Legs battle)

Jecht: If Vegnagun fires, it's all over. You have to stop it now, there is no overtime. (during final Vegnagun battle) - Corrected via e-mail by XvKarBear

Jecht: That a girl! The tides are turning. (reduce Vegnagun's HP to critical during final Vegnagun battle) - Submitted via e-mail by XvKarBear

Shuyin: All shall find rest. (prepping Vegnagun to fire)

Auron: Stay calm. Keep attacking, no matter what. (during final Vegnagun battle)

Shuyin: There's no place to run. (prepping Vegnagun to fire)

Auron: Vegnagun's halfway to firing power. You still have time. Believe, Yuna. (during final Vegnagun battle)

Shuyin: Mine is the power to crush Spira's despair. (prepping Vegnagun to fire)

Jecht: Give it an extra pounding for me! (during final Vegnagun battle)

Shuyin: At last, Spira will be cleansed. (prepping Vegnagun to fire)

Shuyin: Now Vegnagun, fire! (Shuyin fires Vegnagun, bad ending commences)

Auron: It's almost over, Yuna. (during Shuyin battle)

Jecht: Stay focused. (during Shuyin battle)

Section compiled and submitted by Agent0042.

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