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Final Fantasy X-2 Dress Spheres: White Mage

Description: The classic white mage returns! Most of the magic should seem pretty familar, everything from Cure to Reflect and Esuna. If you like to play defensively, you'll certainly enjoy the white mage dress sphere.

How Aquired: Beat the Flame Dragon at Besaid Island in Chapter I.

Ability Highlights: Support your party members by healing them! Strengthening them with support magic, such as Protect, Shell, and Reflect may help a lot in a battle! These spells could prove useful in many boss fights later in the game.

Ability Description
Pray Restores a small amount of HP to entire party.
Vigor Restores some HP to user.
Cure Restores some HP to party, or one party member. Stronger than Pray.
Cura Restores some HP to party, or one party member. Stronger than Cure.
Curaga Restores some HP to party, or one party member. Stronger than Cura.
Regen Restores HP to one user over time.
Esuna Cures one party member of status effects.
Dispel Removes any spell effects from party member.
Life Revives a party member.
Full-life Revives a party member to full HP.
Shell Cuts down on magic damage to the party.
Protect Cuts down on damage from physical attacks.
Reflect Sends spells cast at party back at the enemy.
Full-cure Fully restores the HP of one party member and removes any status.
White Magic Level 2 Reduces cast time by 30%.
White Magic Level 3 Reduces cast time by 50%
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