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Final Fantasy X-2 Dress Spheres: Thief

Description: The main staple of this dress sphere is the agility, and of course the ability to steal things. You will be able to steal increasingly rare items as this dress sphere is leveled up.

How Aquired: Rikku's default sphere.

Ability Highlights: Great way to stock up on items. Steal them from the enemies! Who knows, maybe you'll get a super-rare accessory, or maybe a stock of potions, which will help you in the future.

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Steal Steals an item from an enemy.
Pilfer Gil Steals gil from an enemy.
Borrowed Time Casts Stop on the enemy.
Pilfer HP Steals HP from an enemy.
Pilfer MP Steals MP from an enemy.
Sticky Fingers 100% chance of stealing an item from an enemy.
Master Thief Increased chance of stealing rare items.
Soul Swipe Casts Berserk on an enemy.
Steal Will Causes the target to flee from the battle.
Flee Allows entire party to flee from battle.
Item Hunter Increased chance of getting items to drop.
First Strike Gives you the initial attack in a battle.
Initiative Higher chance of preemptive strike.
Slowproof Immune to Slow
Stopproof Immune to Stop

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