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Final Fantasy X-2 Dress Spheres: Songstress

Description: A very usefull dress sphere. You can preform multiple status effects, as well as status increases with the dances.

How Aquired: Defeat LeBlanc in the first battle of the game.

Ability Highlights: Nothing like aiding the other party members by casting a Haste dance, or doubling their HP for the duration of the dance. Not only can you boost stats, you can also hinder enemies almost useless, with Darkness Dance, as well as others.

Ability Description
Darkness Dance Blinds enemies for the duration of the dance.
Sambla of Silence Silences enemies for the duration of the dance.
MP Mambo MP costs are zero for the party during the duration of the dance.
Magical Masque Nullifies magical attacks for the duration of the dance.
Sleepy Shuffle Enemies fall asleep for the duration of the dance.
Carnival Cancan Party's HP is doubled for the duration of the dance.
Slow Dance Slows enemies for the duration of the dance.
Brakedance Enemies stop for the duration of the dance.
Jitterbug Party has Haste on for the duration of the dance.
Dirty Dancing All attacks are critical hits for the duration of this dance.
Battle Cry Raises party's Strength.
Cantus Firmus Raises party's Defense.
Esoteric Melody Raises party's Magic
Disenchant Raises party's Magical Defense
Perfect Pitch Raises party's Accuracy
Matador's Song Raises party's Evasion

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