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Final Fantasy X-2 Dress Spheres: Samurai

Description: This dress sphere is more passive that the others. This dress sphere specializes in chain attacks and status effects.

How Aquired: On the ground after you defeat the two Daeva's in Ifrit's Chamber.

Ability Highlights: Spare change, which deals damage by throwing gil at the enemy is an odd, yet possibly effective skill. Gil is not that hard to come by, so it's basically free damage. Also, Zantetsu gives you a chance of instantly killing an enemy, which can ultimately turn the tide in a battle.

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Spare Change Gil is throw at the enemy to cause damage.
Mirror of Equity More damage is done if you are in critical levels of HP.
Magicide Lowers enemy's MP.
Dimissal Stops enemy attacks.
Fingersnap Returns enemy attributes to their normal levels.
Sparkler Damage to a single enemy.
Fireworks Damage to all enemies.
Momentum Damage increases as you kill more enemies.
Shin-Zantetsu Instantly kills all enemies. (High failure rate)
Nonpareil Raises user's Strength and Accuracy
No Fear Shell and Protect are cast on the user.
Clean Slate Restores HP and cures all status effect.
Hayate Raises evasion and casts Haste.
Zantetsu Instantly kills one enemy. (High failure rate)
SOS-Critical Deal critical hits when HP is in critical levels.

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