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Final Fantasy X-2 Dress Spheres: Lady Luck

Description: This dress sphere has many different "luck" based attacks, like dice/slots. Also, the infamous Bribe ability from Final Fantasy X is back. For those that forgot, it allows you to pay off enemies, so they'll leave the battle and leave you items!

How Aquired: Defeat Shrina at Sphere Break.

Ability Highlights: Many luck-based attacks. Means that you'll need to be pretty lucky to get what you want when you want, so you may want to use a more direct way of attacking during important battles, unless you feel lucky!

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Bribe Pay an enemy to leave the battle.
Two Dice Two dice are rolled to determine damage. (One enemy)
Four Dice Four dice are rolled to determine damage. (All enemies)
Attack Reels Slots that deal physical damage.
Magic Reels Slots that deal magical damage.
Item Reels Slots that may set off a useage of items.
Random Reels Slots that do random skills/effects.
Luck Raises Luck.
Felicity Raises Luck of whole party.
Tantilize Confuses enemies.
Critical Always deal a critical hit.
Double EXP Doubles experience gained.
SOS Spellspring MP cost is 0 when HP is in critical levels.
Gillionaire Doubles Gil earned.
Double Items Doubles the amount of items earned.
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