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Final Fantasy X-2 Dress Spheres: Gun Mage

Description: Similar to the "Blue Magic" of previous Final Fantasies, this allows you learn enemy skills, many of which can prove to be useful. Also, some of the skills are used just for taking out certain types of enemies, which means that the damage possibilities are much greater with this class, than with an Attack class.

How Aquired: Help out Tobli's assistant at the Moonflow in Chapter 1.

Ability Highlights: Two abilities jump out: Scan and Blue Bullet. Scan is a great asset in battles, allowing you to see enemy HP/weaknesses. Blue Bullet allows you to learn enemy attack, and use them as your own!

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Blue Bullets Fires bullets that are enriched by enemy skills.
Scan Scans enemy stats, like HP/weaknesses.
Shell Cracker 4x damage to Helms.
Anti-Aircraft 4x damage to Birds/Wasps.
Silver Bullet 4x damage to Lupines.
Flan Eater 4x damage to Flans.
Elementillary 4x damage to Elements.
Killasaurus 4x damage to reptiles.
Drake Slayer 4x damage to Drakes
Dismantler 4x damage to Machina.
Mech Destroyer 4x damage to Mechs.
Demon Muzzle 4x damage to Imps and Evil Eyes.
Fiend Hunter Lv2 Reduces Fiend Hunter skill time by 40%.
Scan Lv2 Allows you to rotate enemies.
Scan Lv3 Allows you to scan party members.

You may also want to see the corresponding Blue Bullet guide of the Final Fantasy X-2 section.
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