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Tidus - James Arnold Taylor

The voice of Tidus is a guy that is well known in the voice business. James Arnold Taylor has been known for doing voice jobs for a LOT of Comedy acts, various other videogames and even voice-doubles for actors like Micheal J. Fox, Dick Van Dyke and Nicolas Cage. As it can be seen from his resume, this guy knows his work really well. You will notice that he did several voices in The Animatrix. Mr. Taylor is also pretty good in voice impressions. Check out his website at

Yuna - Hedy Burress

She appeared in various movies but you wouldn't really know her unless someone points it out for you. Born in Edwardsville, Illinois, she started showing up in TV at around 1996. She appeared in the movie Valentine (Ruthie). Like James Arnold Taylor, she also did voices for The Animatrix (As "Cis" in Program and "Yoko" in Beyond.)

Wakka, Kimahri - John Dimaggio

You might know this guy if you watch Futurama. He does the voice for Bender and Prof. Farnsworth. He has been in a lot of Cartoons, mostly Disney shows.

Lulu - Paula Tiso

Other than Final Fantasy X and X-2, she does the voice for Juli Mizrahi for Xenosaga and Chandra in Eternal Darkness.

Auron - Matt McKenzie

Someone that did a voice in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within actually particpated in Square game. Matt McKenzie doesn't seem to have much information.

Rikku - Tara Strong

She has appeared in various animated features. Not only that, she appeared in other various shows. Her fan website shows the many things she has done for the entertainment business.

Seymour Guado - Alex Fernandez

Not much is credited for him under voice acting but he seems to be hardcore in Theater. He has appeared as an extra in many shows on TV, JAG being one of them.

Jecht - Gregg Berger

Appearing in many animation features himself, Gregg Berger has an extensive role list. He appeared in many shows that we watch as an extra such as The Simpsons, Spider Man: The Animated Series, and even Rugrats.

Other Main Voice Actors

Corey BurtonTromell Guado
John DeMitaLuzzu, Barthello, Hypello
Debbie DerryberryFayth
Julia FletcherElma, Yunalesca
Quinton FlynnIsarru
Roger JacksonMaester Kinoc
Tom KennyRin, Wantz, Bobba
Sherry LynnShelinda
Micheal McShaneCid
Matt MillerClasko
Candi MiloDona, Lucia, Pacce
Adam PaulGatta
Andy PhilpotBraska
David RasnerBrother
Robbie RystMaroda
Dwight SchultzMaechen, O'aka
Andre SojliuzzoZuke
Cree SummerLady Belgemine, Young Tidus

Additional Voice Actors

David Arnott
Catherine Cavadini
Vicki Davis
Judy Durand
Greg Finley
Richard Penn
Paige Pollack
David Randolph
Noreen Reardon
Vernon Scott
Andreana Weiner
Ruth Zalduondo

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