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Brief Final Fantasy X Interview

This was a brief excerpt from an interview in Famitsu magazine before the release of Final Fantasy X. The full interview is not available.

Interviewer: The battle scenes have not been released yet. What will the battle be like?

Tsuchida: Like, "Did you get rid of that!?"

Kitase: Kinda like, "Tsuchida finally did it!!" (Laughs)

Interviewer: That big of a difference!?

Tsuchida: I got to change around the direction and system pretty freely. I sort of think that my personal likes are reflected a bit too much, though. I wonder if I'm going to be singled out for this. (Laughs)

Interviewer: (Laughs) Well, it is FF, so I think the users are probably expecting and hoping for changes.

Tsuchida: For example, the transition of stories and battles will be much smoother. In one part of the game, the event scenes directly become the battle scene. The enemies appear on the 3D field, and you can immediately start inputting commands.

Interviewer: Will there be a command window during battle?

Tsuchida: That is definitely still in there.

Interviewer: What about changes to the system aspects?

Tsuchida: The basics are the same, but things like rules have changed.

Interviewer: Wait, are you saying something like it's no longer ATB?

The Whole Team: Woah!!! (Laughs)

Kitase: Tsuchida, as a policy, does not like systems where user's decision-making speed affects the outcome of the battle...he likes strategy-oriented things better.

Thanks to for the transcript.

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