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Final Fantasy X Aeons: Shiva

Description: Once again, the Ice Goddess Shiva returns to Final Fantasy as a summon. Shiva's real highlight is her extremely high agility; with even a moderate amount of luck, you should be able to get in some extra turns during the course of a battle. She'll lose HP quickly, though, so be use to remember to use those ice attacks on her to keep her safe.

Special Move: Heavenly Strike

Shiva will draw out an incredibly large block of ice and drop it down on a single enemy. The attack will deliver non-elemental damage and delay the enemy's next turn.

Overdrive: Diamond Dust

Shiva lays layer after layer of ice on top of the enemies, and then destroys it all with a single snap of her fingers.

How to Break Damage Limit: Obtain and activate Lulu's legendary weapon, the Onion Knight.

Shiva's Location: Received in Macalania Temple.

Shiva's Initial Abilities: Blizzard, Blizzara, NulBlaze, NulFrost.

Shiva's Initial Statistics
HP: 820 MP: 26
Strength: 19 Agility: 14
Defense: 17 Luck: 17
Magic: 23 Evasion: 32
Mag-Def: 24 Accuracy: 11
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