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Final Fantasy X Story

Overcasted by a champion Blitzball playing father, Tidus has a lot to prove to himself and to the world. Famous throughout Zanarkand, he has come a long way growing up; but his stardom doesn't last. Chaos comes to find him and it takes him away from everything he knew to change everything he loves. Now, the simple desire to return home fuels his every move and of course--- nothing is easy. Follow Tidus as he learns about home, friends, and how twisted an enemy can be in Squaresoft's first game to spawn a sequel: Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X Release

First to be released on the PS2 system, Final Fantasy X had high expections from the players of Final Fantasy. With the very first Final Fantasy to feature voice acting, it travels beyond limits and traditions of several other Final Fantasy games. This is the first Final Fantasy game to spawn a sequel as well. However, the European release was delayed so that by the time the North American gamers finished it, the Europeans had to play catch up.

Final Fantasy X Re-Release

The game was re-released in Japan as "Final Fantasy X: International. The major differences include a different sphere grid and new bosses. The Japanese international version included an extra DVD with a clip called "Final Fantasy X: Another Story. This clip ends Final Fantasy X and starts off Final Fantasy X-2's story.

Introduction - A basic introduction to Final Fantasy X, the story, and brief details on the release and re-release.

MIDI Downloads - Music from the original game soundtrack, but in MIDI form. Small file sizes for quick, easy and fast downloads!

Walkthrough - A walkthrough for Final Fantasy X. If any of your questions aren't answered elsewhere, this is where you should head! A larger, more detailed HTML walkthrough with pictures will come eventually.

Song Lyrics - Song lyrics to the Final Fantasy X tracks that include vocals. This section contains both Japanese and English lyrics. Lyrics to Suteki da ne (Isn't It Beautiful), Song of Prayer (Hymn of the Fayth) and Otherworld.

Eternal Calm Script - Eternal Calm was a cutscene that bridged the gap between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. If you missed the movie, be sure to read the script!

Sheet Music - Final Fantasy sheet music, most often from piano. Sometimes this sheet music may be scans from an officially released book of music (though often only available in Japan), or sometimes the sheet music is created by fans for fans.

Soundtracks - A complete list of all the Final Fantasy X soundtracks. Includes the Original Soundtrack/OST, the Official Soundtrack (packaged with some games, a one CD release), the Vocal Collections, Feel/Go Dream (A Tidus/Yuna Tribute), and the Final Fantasy X Piano Collections.

Reviews - Links to some of the better external reviews on the web for Final Fantasy X.

World Maps - High resolution world map pictures, including names of all locations in Final Fantasy X. Lost? This might help.

Wallpapers - High resolution images for your desktop from Final Fantasy X!

Final Fantasy X Index

- Introduction
- MIDI Downloads
- Walkthrough
- Aeons
--- Valefor
--- Ifrit
--- Ixion
--- Shiva
--- Bahamut
--- Yojimbo
--- Anima
--- Magus Sisters
- Song Lyrics
- Eternal Calm
--- Script
--- Screenshots
- Sheet Music
- Soundtracks
- Reviews
- World Map
- Wallpapers
- Cover Scans
- Game Logo
- Interview #1
- Interview #2
- Voice Actors
- Commercials
--- JP Pics #1
--- JP Pics #2
- Official Artwork
--- Amano Art
--- Amano Sketches
--- Character Art
--- Aeon Art
- Al Bhed Primers
- FMV Pictures
- Luca Theater
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