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We most likely won't be presenting our own review of Final Fantasy games for a number of reasons. We tend to think that the more interesting reads don't come from biased sources (since "we" just happen to be writing content for a Final Fantasy site, that bias is bound to exist). Instead, we'd like to offer you some reviews that we found interesting. Hope you find them as interesting as we did.

While we most likely won't be offering "reviews" we do offer quite a bit of commentary on the stories, gameplay, history of the games, and music. Feel free to check out The Scholar (especially for story commentary), ShrineAMP (for music reviews) or the forums (for feedback on just about anything you can imagine).

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Recent games in the Final Fantasy series have followed a tried-and-true formula, and for the most part, Final Fantasy X follows it too. That is, like its predecessors, this isn't a game you can play for a few minutes at a time. Much of the game revolves around epic, drawn-out battles between your party of characters and Final Fantasy X's gigantic, villainous monsters.


 9.3 of 10


Final Fantasy X shows what the PlayStation 2 game console is really capable of. The game has beautiful environments, and the facial expressions add a great deal of depth and feeling to the characters. The cut scenes are very well made, but the true greatness of Final Fantasy Xs graphics lie in the Aeon summonings. They are truly amazing and the details are exquisite.


9.3 of 10


Unfortunately, it still suffers from the limitations of a Computer Roleplaying Game (CRPG). While there are plenty of sidequests, the plotline is still very linear and you have very little opportunity to deviate from the chosen path until near the end of the adventure.


3 of 5


FFX may seem a bit twisted and complex, but the game has been designed to be very linear.


9.0 of 10


So we have a game with graphic superiority, something Squaresoft can be proud of and something a Final Fantasy fan can be proud of. However, without a good sense of challenge, and the fact that there is no world map it really does let the game down.




First, the storyline. This isn't just a hack-and-slash game - you really do start to get to know the various characters, each with their own personalities and personality quirks. None of the characters are perfect - Tidus is a little petulant, Wakka a bit closeminded. But as time goes on, they learn, grow, get from a disparate bunch of individuals to a really well integrated group.


5 of 5


What the game may have lost in the size and the exploration factor is replaced by the games massive depth and quality of game play. During the first few hours of game play you are talked through the workings and controls in Final Fantasy X, which is a good job because anyone new to the game would be completely bemused by the depth of the game.


9.5 of 10


About three quarters of the game is told in a Wonder Years fashion, from the point of view of the main character, Tidus.




Ultimately, I can't imagine a single RPG or FF fan not thoroughly enjoying this game. Even if you're not into RPG's, this is one game worth playing through just to enjoy the story.


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