Final Fantasy Tactics Story

"Throughout history, wars repeat themselves in various times and places. From these wars, legends of heroes are handed down from generation to generation. Weathered by rumors and the passing of time, the truth may be forgottren, the reality buried under legends."

"The Lion War", a war between two families: Gallione and Zeltennia. Another problem that progressed through the war was the sudden death of the King of Ivalice.

According to the history books on "The Lion War", a young man named Delita Hyral ended the war... but there was another person who played an important part of the war named Ramza Beoulve... but who is he and why isn't he in any history book?

Play back the history of "The Lion War" as Ramza in Final Fantasy Tactics and soon you will know the real truth... and why it was covered up.

Tactics and Strategy

Unlike the mainstream Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical strategy game. You fight battles by organizing units and leveling them up. Much like the other games though, you will need to think before you strike.

Hidden Cameos?

A few surprises might show up as you're playing Final Fantasy Tactics. Perhaps you'll meet some that you know quite well from another Final Fantasy game.