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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Detailed Tribe Information

Each tribe in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles play very differently from one another. This will describe the uses for each tribe and how to use them well. Note that these apply mostly for Multiplayer but it can be beneficial to those who are playing single player as well.


Clavats play like a "newbie" character. Basically they are your jack of all trades that is good in any situation. With their high defense, you can really take a lot of damage and pretty much set for anything. Because they don't excel much a particular area, they can be magic users and they can be melee users, they just aren't the greatest in their area. The Jack of All Trades.



Yukes are not melee and will not function well head to head with an enemy. Does this make them hard to use? A little bit. You just need to play the distant game and keep away from enemies while quickly casting magic at them. Their melee attacks are rather weak from the start, while it may be a great idea to power up their strength, you should stay with their magic abilities. While hard for new players to use, they become very valuable in multiplayer. Do not set out without a Yuke in your team.



Lilties are absolutely your melee characters. You have no point in using magic unless you are playing by yourself. They hit hard and a well powered and well knowledged Lilty player can clear out enemies while the rest back em up. Don't back away from a fight, you are the force of the team and with that force brings great victory.



Selkies are the fastest of the bunch and has fast focus attacks. While second highest in offense, to use them in battle as melee users might not a great idea as their weak defense might kill them off quite quickly. They aren't the greatest of magic users either from the start but their focus attack has great distance and does a lot of damage. Try to attack far with focus attacks and avoid running into crowds.

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