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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Lyrics

Below are the lyrics to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles' only song with lyrics, Kaze no ne (Sound of the Wind). Please not that the English version of the lyrics is translated from the Japanese and is not from an official English version of the same song. If you'd like to download Kaze no ne, or any other music from Crystal Chronicles, check out our media page.

Kaze no ne - Sound of the Wind (Japanese)

Kirameku hoshizora wa yume no mama ni
Tadayotteru watashi e to katarikakeru

Sazameku kaze no ne wa tobira no hiraku ne
Ima hajimaru monogatari no hiraku ne

Habataku toritachi mo hi o abitondeyuku
Saa tabidatsu toki ga kita
Mayowazu ni yuke

Daijoubu to asayake no sora wa itta
Yurameku kokoro no oku ni
Kakurete wa mieru
Afureru omoide o kakaete

Furikaeru na asayake no sora wa itta

Hatenaki yama no mukou ni
Kakurete wa mieru
Kasuka na hikari made aruite

Hatenaki sora no mukou ni
Kakurete wa mieru
Tashika na miraizu o motomete

Kaze no ne - Sound of the Wind (English)

The starry sky speaks to me as I float by in a dream

The fluttering of the wind carries the sound of an opening door
The sound of our story's beginning

The birds flap their wings and fly onwards, basking in the sun
Come, it's time to set forth
Go without hesitation!

Our safety is assured by the sky's morning glow

At the center of my trembling heart
That which is hidden can be seen
I hold on to my overflowing memories

The sky's morning glow tells us not to turn back

Beyond the endless mountains

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