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Crystal Chronicles Story

In a world where the smell of death was around the corner. A poison mist used to cover this world. That is until a new technology of Crystals was discovered. With the power of the Crystals, the poison mist subsided. With a crystal in every town, the world was a safe place to live in. However, the power of a crystal does not last forever. Within a year's time, the Crystal's power would run out and the mist will return.

A solution to this is to purify the crystal with a Mana water. However, this is hard to find. Every year, youth from villages go out and seek the water needed to purify the crystal. They are the youths who keep the world alive. You are one of the many who will go on an adventure save your village from the mist.

With a unique gameplay that involves Multiplayer action and the GCN-GBA connection, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles brings back an old element of gameplay into the new generation of RPGs.

Crystal Chronciles Multiplayer fun!

This game does not require a GBA for Single Player however it is recommended. However, 2 or more GBA and GCN-GBA Link Cables are needed for Multiplayer.

Too much money?!?

To play Single Player does not cost much, just buy the game. Multiplayer will require a GBA for each person. Regular or SP does not matter. No GBA cart is required, just up to 4 GBAs, 4 Cables, 1 Gamecube, and 1 FF:CC.

Introduction - A basic introduction to Crystal Chronicles, the story, and brief details on the release and re-release. Also includes payment information (initial cost, pay-to-play, etc).

Wallpapers - Official Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles wallpapers. High resolution/quality. Originally posted on Square's site.

Game Logo - A high-resolution image of the official game logo from Crystal Chronicles.

Tribe Info - Information on Clavats, Yukes, Lilties and Selkies.

Song Lyrics - The lyrics to Kaze no ne (Sound of the Wind) in both Japanese and English. Crystal Chronicle's only song with lyrics.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronciles Index

- Introduction
- Wallpapers
- Game Logo
- Tribe Info
- Song Lyrics
- MIDI Downloads
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