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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Trailer Translation

This is a translation to the TechTV trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This is not guaranteed to be an exact translation, and happens to cross over to the US version will most likely be reworded. But you should get the general flow...

Blank screen, Aeris' theme playing...

That day, strength was used... even now, the star is living... but that person, a lot of persons, became a star... many hearts became a star...


A new voice speaks...

I thought nothing else would happen...

Trailer starts up with bike scene.

Turn to Cloud in church. Cloud speaks.

I think I want to be forgiven. Yeah, I want to be forgiven.

Trailer goes back to fight scene with the mystery-man.

Cloud (alone, on a beach) speaks:

I decided to live for your sake.

Yes, it was my decision, however...

Trailer turns to mystery-man with the man in the wheelchair.

Trailer shows original Sephiroth in flames at Niblhiem.

Logo appears. Announcer speaks:

Final Fantasy Seven, Advent Children.


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