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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Trailer Screenshots: Trailer #5

This was one of the most impressive trailers to surface in a really, really long time. It'll be packaged along with Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission. Not only do we get everything we had in the previous trailers but in a higher resolution, but we also see bits of new footage. This happens to be the first time we see Barret animated, and the higher resolution makes quite a bit more possible to make out... Any doubts that it was Vincent jumping down are pretty much shattered.

All of these pictures are quite high in resolution, quality, and size. If you're not on broadband, you may need to be patient. Some thumbnails may seem similar, but all pics are at least slightly different. You may use these pictures on your site but only if you provide a back to on every page in which the pictures appear. We can continue to bring you unwatermarked media, but we'd like to be credited. Thanks, and enjoy!

Because this screenshots section is larger than most (over 120 pictures are included), we decided you might want a little index so you can jump around:

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