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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Magazine Scans

Here are some magazine scans that have surfaced. If you have any others that we're missing and you'd care to contribute, please let us know in the forums. All of these scans are quite large (very high quality), so keep that in mind if it takes a while to load. Click on any of the thumbnails below for the full image.

These magazines are roughly in chronological order, starting from when they appeared on the net.

(This was the first scan to surface. It originally appeared in Japan's Jump/V Jump magazine. Some initially thought it might be a hoax, especially with the odd pirate appearing in a few corners of the page.)

(Second scan to appear, again, from Jump/V Jump magazine. Interesting bike there, Cloud...)

(A new scan, featuring our first look at Vincent's and Barret's return...)

(Second part of the previous scan, includes a very familiar scene, a new villain (?), new fight scenes, and some more shots of the new Cloud...)

(Another new scan, which features pictures thare are, for the most part, pretty similar to the ones in the previous scans. We do get a clearer look at the new-Midgar, though!)

(The most recent scan, and the first scan in quite some time to introduce new characters.. the first appearance of Tifa, Marlene, and the Turks)

Again, if you can contribute in any way (or even just want to talk about the movie), please stop by our forums.

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