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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Music

We don't yet know a tremendous amount about the music that'll be featured in Advent Children. However, Uematsu (the composer for virtually every soundtrack in the Final Fantasy series) has dropped some information our way...

He doesn't intend on using the majority of the music from the original game, although some songs may be revisited. Namely, the main theme, Aeris'/Aerith's theme, and One Winged Angel. Although he's considering revamping them for the movie, he hasn't confirmed it. In fact, he's said that even he isn't quite sure if it'll be right for the movie yet.

The upcoming Final Fantasy music tour in Japan may feature music from either Advent Children or Final Fantasy XII, Uematsu said.

Two songs have been featured in (official) trailers so far:

The song in the original trailer :
Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Tracks - One Winged Angel (Orchestrated Version) (4:26)
The song in the new trailer:
Final Fantasy 7 Piano Collections - Main Theme (Piano Version) (4:28)

Both songs are available for download through our media section of the site.

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