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Final Fanasy VII: Advent Children Characters

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Cloud Strife


  It's been quite apart from the first media that surfaced that Cloud would not only be returning, but would once again be staring as the hero. He may be sporting a new look, but he's still our same our Cloud from Final Fantasy 7!



  Again, Sephiroth was seen quite early on. This has caused a good deal of controversy, though; Cloud killed Sephiroth. We're not sure, at this point, if Sephiroth will only appear in flashbacks, if he's returned, or if one of his clones have resurfaced.

Mystery Man


  The third and final character that was appearing from the start. Some have guessed that this is Sephiroth (although he certainly looks a bit different than we remember- and than we see in the fire scene). Others have guessed that he's a clone, still others insist that he's a new character all together. In any case, it's pretty clear that this mystery-man will be the villain.

The Wheelchaired Man


  The Wheelchaired Man first appeared in the third magazine scan, and later in the trailers when Cloud visists him. A few have thought this may be what's left of the original Sephiroth...



  Barret returns! Fans were quite excited when scans first appeared with the new Barret, certainly a big change from the polygon-Barret in the game.



  We can't be positive that this is Vincent returning, but it sure wouldn't be much of a stretch. This image first appeared in the same scan as Barret's photo.



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