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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Preview: Page III

Although new scans surfaced, and even "new" trailers (featuring identical footage but shot from another angle), not much new media popped up for a while. Eventually, some new magazine scans appeared featuring our first look at some returning characters...


(Click on either of the above to be redirected to the full magazine scan)

Along with valid information, a lot of fakes leaked, too. Among them, a Photoshop'd version of Yuna claiming to be the new Aeris. Another new trailer followed the pic-premiere of Barret and Vincent. Although it featuring many of the same scenes, the animation made it quite a bit more exciting. Everything from the revamped Aeris/Cloud scene to the new Midgar was featured in the latest trailer from the Jump festival. Some more additional information has been made available from translated trailers and interviews.

So basically, we've already learned a fair amount about Advent Children in the short amount of time that media's been leaking onto the net; it'll take place two years after the ending of Final Fantasy 7, it's currently around 10 percent complete, Barret, Vincent, Cloud, will all make appearances. We've seen the villain in duels with Cloud, and we've also had a peak at the wheel-chaired man that Cloud's enemy seems to be fighting for.

That's it for now, but keep your eyes open. FFShrine will be sure to get you all the new Advent Children content and information as it comes!

Questions? Comments? Media/news to report? Stop by our forums.

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