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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Preview: Page I

Those of us in the US are usually left a bit behind for new Final Fantasy headlines, and Advent Children certainly didn't break this trend. Our first source of information was a scan from Japan's Jump Magazine. The first scan appeared in early November...

(Click on the above image to be sent to the full-sized version)

As usual, the scan was met with a great deal of skepticism; why would Square choose to return to the the world of Final Fantasy 7 now, after all these years? Why hadn't we recieved something more official? And what the hell is that pirate in the bottom of the magazine scan?

Not long after the first magazine appeared, we recieved a number of new scans featuring similar shots. If this was a hoax, it was certainly a well-planned one. However, all skepticism was put aside (to the surprise of some, and to the delight of Final Fantasy 7 fans virtually everywhere) when Square's official site launched.

(Click on the above image for the full-sized version)

Years after the release of Final Fantasy 7, it's been confirmed that Square-Enix plans to dive back into that world we all missed so much.

But the best is still to come. Click here to contine to page II of the Advent Children Preview.

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