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Final Fantasy IX Tips, Hints and Secrets

Bosses and Tents - Submitted by Mist

Use a tent on the boss you're fighting (instead of some other boss that happens to be around). There is a good chance that a snake will bite the boss and cast Silence, Darkness, and Poison on them. Continue using tents on the boss until the snake appears. After that, just keep beating the boss until it's defeated. Since it's silenced, it won't be able to use spells. Since it's blind (darkness), it will rarely hit you with physical attacks. Since it's poisoned, it's being helped along by the poison as well as you.

Lindblum Gil Trick - Submitted by Mist

When you are in Lindblum for the first time, buy as many steepled hats as possible. In disc two, the Treno synth shop will be able to make cotton robes. In order to make a cotton robe, you need a steepled hat, a wrist, and 1000 gil. Cotton robes themselves sell for 2000 gil. Just make as many cotton robes as you can with the number of steepled hats you have. If you run out of wrists, head to South Gate, take the left road, and proceed to Dali to buy more.

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