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Final Fantasy IX 9 Sidequests and Mini-games - Stellazio Coin Locations

Through the course of Final Fantasy 9, you'll find Stellazio coins. In case you're stuck, here's a full list of where they can be found...

Aries On the ground on the first floor of the Windmill in Dali.
Cancer In the overturned crate in the Burmecia Suburb.
Gemini Throw 130 Gil into the fountain at the Treno Gate.
Taurus On the ground near the item shop in the Treno slums.
Scorpio On the ground in the lower level of Quan's dwelling.
Virgo On the guestroom floor of the Black Mage Village Inn.
Libra Next to the fountain in Madain Sari.
Leo On the ground in the Neptune Room of Alexandria's West Tower.
Sagittarius On the ground in the Lindblum Shopping Area during the rebuilding.
Capricorn In the water in the entrance room of Daguerreo.
Aquarius In a chest in the entry hall of Ipsen's Castle.
Pisces In a chest in the core area of the airship Invincible.
Ophiuchus After giving the first 12 to Queen Stella, find the 13th in Quan's Dwelling.

Present each and every Stellazio coin to Queen Stella (in Treno). For each one, she'll give you a prize. Here's the list (in order)...

1,000 Gil
Pheonix Pinion
2,000 Gil
Blood Sword
5,000 Gil
10,000 Gil
Black Belt
20,000 Gil
Rosetta's Ring
30,000 Gil
Robe of Lords

After presenting her with the first 12 coins, she'll return them to you and ask that you use them as hints to find the last Stellazio coin, the Ophiuchus. After collecting all 13 Stellazio coins, give them back and you'll recieve the Hammer.

Thanks to Recall for contributing information towards this section.

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