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We most likely won't be presenting our own review of Final Fantasy games for a number of reasons. We tend to think that the more interesting reads don't come from biased sources (since "we" just happen to be writing content for a Final Fantasy site, that bias is bound to exist). Instead, we'd like to offer you some reviews that we found interesting. Hope you find them as interesting as we did.

While we most likely won't be offering "reviews" we do offer quite a bit of commentary on the stories, gameplay, history of the games, and music. Feel free to check out The Scholar (especially for story commentary), ShrineAMP (for music reviews) or the forums (for feedback on just about anything you can imagine).

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Final Fantasy IX has been billed as a return to the series' roots, but this is an oversimplification. The roots of the Final Fantasy series have always been appealing characters, an epic story, engaging battles, and an impressive presentation. Elements such as airships, pointy-hatted mages, and crystals have always just been surface symbols, while an emotional tale of humanity in the face of adversity lies at the core of each installment of the series.


 8.5 of 10


The first thing one notices upon starting Final Fantasy IX is the overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The entire game is steeped in hat-tips and references to it's predecessors. While this stirs up many fond memories from long time fans, so much emphasis is placed on nostalgia that the game has almost no memorable scenes to truly call its own.


7 of 10


Final Fantasy IX is an epic tale in which a beautiful and young princess named Princess Garnet is kindnapped by a Gang of thieves who call themselves Tantalus...




I've been saying for a while now that Final Fantasy IX is one of the best game in the series. How could you possibly go wrong with combining the best of the last two games on the Playstation with the best of the classics on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo?


38 of 40


After the good, but ultimately disappointing Final Fantasy VIII the next instalment of the series had a lot of work to do. Many fans felt the ecstasy produced by the monumental seventh instalment had been taken away.


 9 of 10


To answer all of these questions, all I can say is, 'I cried'. These were not tears of hatred, despair and disappointment thought. These were tears of ecstasy, delight, and efficacious fruition. Final Fantasy IX capitalizes on all of the series' strengths and welds them together creating a masterpiece.


9.5 of 10
Millennial Fair


A pleasant change from the previous Final Fantasy games on the PSX...


Not Available
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