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Final Fantasy IX 9 Sidequests and Mini-games - Frog Catching

Dotted around Gaia you will find a few places bearing the name Qu's Marsh. One of them is where you will have met Quina. Entering a marsh with Quina in your party will prompt he/she/it to ask if it can catch some frogs. Cue a strange little mini-game!

Location of Marsh Description
Mist Continent West of the Chocobo's Forest after crossing the bridge.
Outer Continent Northeast from the Black Mage Village.
Forgotten Continent Northern section of the continent. East of Ipsen's Castle.
Salvage Archipelago On an island northwest of Daguerreo.

Frogs are safe from Quina's hungry grasp whilst in the water, so wait for one to hop out onto the ground nearby and try to grab it, remembering to leave one male and one female frog behind so that there can be more to catch when you next return to the marsh. Catching varying numbers of frogs will earn you rewards from Master Quale. In order to get the final one you must defeat him in combat.

Number of Frogs Reward
Two Frogs Ore
Five Frogs Ether
Nine Frogs Silk Robe
Fifteen Frogs Elixir
Twenty-three Frogs Silver Fork
Thirty-three Frogs Bistro Fork
Fourty-five Frogs Battle Boots
Ninety-nine Frogs + Defeat Master Quale Gastro Fork

Note: Quina's Blue Magic skill "Frog Drop" can only be learned in the Marshes, and the damage dealt from this attack is controlled by the number of frogs caught so far. Quina's level * number of frogs caught = damage dealt. This can actually be rather powerful; if Quina's level 60 and you've caught 100 frogs, that's an assured 6,000 damage. Each additional level or frog caught will increase that total by 100 each.

Thanks to Ed/Mike for contributing information towards this section.

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