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Final Fantasy IX 9 Sidequests and Mini-games - Chocobo Hot and Cold

A Final Fantasy just isn't complete without man's best (feathered) friend and, thankfully, the chicken/emu hybrids have a much larger part to play in FFIX than its predecessor. Not only a mode of transport, there is now a whole sidequest dedicated to them. Walk into Chocobo's Forest and you'll be able to play a treasure hunting mini game, Chocobo Hot and Cold.

The premise is simple. Run around on your mount pecking at the ground and depending on the ethusaism of Choco's "kweh?" you'll know whether you're "hot" or "cold". Hence the name. Funny that. As well as items you'll find things called "Chocographs" which give you a clue to the location of special treasure when you're hunting on the world map. They're accompanied by a tiny portrait of where you're supposed to look as a little hint. For those lost in a daze of chocobo squakings and bizarre hints, the name of each chocograph and the location of its treasure is listed below.

"Kweh"- You aren't even close to a treasure.
"Kweh!"- There's a treasure near you.
"Kweeeeh!"- You're very close to the treasure.
"K-KWEH!"- You got it!

Chocograph Name Treasure Location
Abandoned beach South of the Qu's march in the outer continent
Abandoned lagoon South of Conde Petie
Between mountains East of Lindblum
Birds' eye lagoon West of Qu's marsh in the Mist continent
Cold field South of the fire shrine
Cold lagoon West of the fire shrine
Dawn lagoon South and a bit east of Treno
Dusk plains Southwest of Oeilvert
Fairy island Southwest of the Lifa tree
Faraway lagoon Just south of the water shrine
Forbidden forest Between Gizamaluke's grotto and Dali
Forgotten island Island west of the fairy island
Forgotten lagoon South part of the forgotten island
Forgotten plains Northwest of the water shrine
Green plains Northeast of Dali
Healing shore North of Cleyra
Mist ocean Northeast of Alexandria harbor
Ocean West of the dusk plains mentioned earlier
Outer island Way east from Conde Petie
Outer island 2 East from Madain Sari
Small beach South from Chocobo forest
Streamside Right next to chocobo forest
Uncultivated land East of the ice cavern

As you collect more treasures in Chocobo Hot and Cold, you'll gain points. The points can be exchanged by talking to Mene (the moogle in the forest/lagoon/air garden). The higher your point total, the more options you have for exchanging them for items.

Item Points Required
Robe of Lords 10,000 points
Protect Ring 8,500 points
Wing Edge 3,500 points
Viltgance Card 1,800 points
Ether 400 points
Ore 250 points
Phoenix Down 150 points
Gysahl Greens 10 points

Thanks to Ed/Mike for contributing information towards this section.

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