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Weapons Mon 1st Weapons research Magazine, First Issue Lunatic Pandora Lab in the past with Laguna
Weapons Mon Mar Weapons research Magazine, March Issue Battle with Elvoret at the Dollet Comm. Tower
Weapons Mon Apr Weapons research Magazine, April Issue Squall's dorm room after graduation
Weapons Mon May Weapons research Magazine, May Issue Sewers in Deling City
Weapons Mon Jun Weapons research Magazine, June Issue Battle with GFH251F2 at the Galbadian Missle Base
Weapons Mon Jul Weapons research Magazine, July Issue On the ground in the Balamb Garden Training Center after the Balbadian Garden Battle
Weapons Mon Aug Weapons research Magazine, August Issue In front of the gargoyle statue in Trabia Garden
Combat King 001 Magazine for fighters, Dolphin Blow Issue Bottom floor of D District Prison
Combat King 002 Magazine for fighters, Meteor Strike Issue Given to you after Fujin and Raijin in Balamb
Combat King 003 Magazine for fighters, Meteor Barret Issue Girl who has a crush on Zell, Balamb Hotel
Combat King 004 Magazine for fighters, Different Beat Issue Second visit to Esthar, from Esthar Soldier
Combat King 005 Magazine for fighters, My Final Heaven Issue While exploring Lunatic Pandora as Squall
Pet Pals Vol.1 Magazine for dog lovers, Angelo Strike Issue Train bound for Timber
Pet Pals Vol.2 Magazine for dog lovers, Angelo Recover Issue Rinoa's bed in the Forest Owl's base
Pet Pals Vol.3 Magazine for dog lovers, Invincible Moon Issue Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol.4 Magazine for dog lovers, Angelo Reverse Issue Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol.5 Magazine for dog lovers, Angelo Search Issue Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol.6 Magazine for dog lovers, Wishing Star Issue Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Occult Fan I World's Mysteries Magazine, Scoop Issue Bookcases inside the B.G. Library
Occult Fan II World's Mysteries Magazine, Photo Issue Dollet; challenging Pug manager at cards
Occult Fan III World's Mysteries Magazine, Magic Issue First arrive at FH find the Master Fisherman
Occult Fan IV World's Mysteries Magazine, Report Issue Presidential Aide in Esthar's Presidential Palace

Timber Maniacs












Balamb Station Near the train signal   Trabia Garden In the Graveyard
Balamb Hotel Inside the guest room   Dollet Pub On a table in the Pub
Timber Maniacs On the floor in the office   Dollet Hotel Inside the Guestroom
Timber Hotel On a table in the Guestroom   Shumi Village Artisan's house
FH In the Grease Monkey's House   White SeeD Ship On the floor in the bridge
FH Hotel Inside the Guestroom   Edea's House On the ground inside the house



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