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Final Fantasy VIII Review

This is an edited version of my original Final Fantasy 8 Review. This includes how I feel about the game OVERALL, not just from the first 2 CD's. I beat the game about a month ago, and it is about time I did this.

Final Fantasy 7 changed the way we looked at RPG's, and forced the gamer to expect more from the common game. No longer would people be able to accept a game that wasn't the top of the line. Since that time, many RPG's have, expectedly, sprung up, but not one, not one EVER made, matches that of Final Fantasy 8. In order for Square not to be critisized from here to kingdom come, they have to make a game that is has a amazing storyline, fantastic graphics, unbelievable music, leaps in innovation, and plenty of Gameplay. Final Fantasy 8, my friends, does this, and more. Much, much more.

Squaresoft has made some amazing stories in the past. Ranging from the destruction of the world by meteor, or the raging love story of Locke, Square has to have a great storyline. I mean, from Final Fantasy 7 alone you could write a 300 + page book. Final Fantasy 8 is no exception. Everything from the first time Rinoa lays her glaring eyes on Squall, to the time when you see the Gargoyles of Balamb come to life, the story NEVER fails to excite, or suprise. At every turn, a plot twist so sharp, you pratically get whip lash. At every city, a bevy of new friends or enemies for you to talk to. Some may still argue with me that Final Fantasy 6 (3) had the best storyline, and to that I say "get with the times."

RATING : 10/10

Suprise, suprise, Squaresoft has created the best graphics ever to grace a console system !! From a swash buckling sword fight to a foreign object from space splashing through the atmosphere, the graphics and scenery in this game explode the screen into a river of Eye Candy. The motion capturing of the characters and monsters add a great effect to the game. Each enemy has there own death animation, each character there own manerisms. The pre rendered backrounds and polygonial characters mend together like an intricate puzzle, and never fails to take your breath away. In almost every backround, you can see some sort of animation or backdrop. The improved graphic engine allows for added details in buildings and objects, allowing for incredible realism. Square proves to be a master in every area, even if they try to fail.

RATING : 10/10

Ok, let's face it, RPG's get bland sometimes. Even the most die-hard game/RPG fans have to admit random battles and automated fighting sequences can get quite tedious at times. Well, I am sorry to report that Square didn't improve this. Like always, they tried to add vast improvements to the battles, which all suceed in amazing ways, but it just doesn't have you coming back for more. There are, however, many innovations that change the game and make it pop out from the crowd. First, and foremost is the Card Game. Square thought that the Gold Saucer was fantastic, but that the games didn't have enough depth or impact on the storyline. Squaresoft improved this by making one, incredibly deep and game changing card game. Ok, let me tell you this. When I played this game, I couldn't stop. I had to play and play until I recieved every rare and secret card there was. Unfortunately, the game is so deep, I have no way of explaining it all now, but I will point out this, FF8 actually has a button sycrinized for the card game. You can actually walk up to just about anyone, press the button, and ask them to play cards. Friend or Foe. It also can be bad too. If you lose, and you play anty, you lose the card you put up...forever. Another innovative thing Square added was the addition of Motion Capturing. According to my knowledge, and I could be wrong, this was the first RPG to include it. It makes for some quite unbelievable scenes.

RATING : 9.0/10

Don't let anyone tell you that this game's music doesn't live up to that of Final Fantasy 6/7. Final Fantasy 8 has so many great tracks, that I immediately went out and purchased the soundtrack for it. From the very opening, your ears pop out with joy to hear Liberi Fatali, a track that includes Opera with wonderfully Orchestrated back music. Unbelievable. Immediately, it reminded me of the final boss music from FF7. It was better than that though. It brought excitement, sadness, amazement to my mind all at the same time, and threw me into such a state of mind that I couldn't be pulled from FF8 for 3-4 days. The "Eyes On Me" track by Faye Wong, was amazingly not annoying at all, and actually ADDED to the game. Pretty interesting. I loved the track overall, and I doubt many games will beat it.

RATING : 10/10

I don't need to say much about this. This game was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Period. Point Blank. Nothing beats it. The fun factor is great, just don't expect to play it many times after. This game is so long, you probably won't want to. Even though I did.

RATING : 9.0/10

Final Fantasy 8 has awesome control, and uses the Dual Shock Analog conrtol to a good extent. The Analog support makes this game a breeze to guide, and also adds some variety to the game. When you summon a Guardian Force, the dual shock goes crazy, and you can tell Square put there money on this game. Overall, so perfect is the control, that even the most die-hard critics couldn't complain.

RATING : 9.5/10


OVERALL : 10/10

REVIEW BY : Christopher J. Goldberg, i.e. FF_Gaiden

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