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We most likely won't be presenting our own review of Final Fantasy games for a number of reasons. We tend to think that the more interesting reads don't come from biased sources (since "we" just happen to be writing content for a Final Fantasy site, that bias is bound to exist). Instead, we'd like to offer you some reviews that we found interesting. Hope you find them as interesting as we did.

While we most likely won't be offering "reviews" we do offer quite a bit of commentary on the stories, gameplay, history of the games, and music. Feel free to check out The Scholar (especially for story commentary), ShrineAMP (for music reviews) or the forums (for feedback on just about anything you can imagine).

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"The core of any Final Fantasy game has always been its story, and Final Fantasy VIII's story is the best the series - and likely the genre - has ever seen. With Final Fantasy VII, Square showed that it had mastered the epic; with VIII, it shows that it has mastered the personal. The characters and their relationships are all extremely believable and complex; moreover, the core romance holds up even under the most pessimistic scrutiny."


 9.5 of 10


Once you actually get into a scrap against one of the many coloured and some cases truly bizarre characters in Final Fantasy VIII, you'll likely be deeply impressed by how graphically stunning the fights are especially if you use magic in the course of the punch-up.


Not Available


FF8 starts off strong with a major opening sequence that got my blood flowing and really psyched me up to play further. The story of Squall Leonhart and his mission to be a SeeD (a legal mercenary) quickly evolves into a passionate love story that pulls out all the stops when drawing emotions from the characters involved as well as from me.


8.0 of 10


To begin with, Final Fantasy VIII is a very linear title. Gameplay follows the standard Squaresoft model your first few quests are pretty much a "railroad," where you’ll learn how to use all the basic controls, master the intricacies of combat and the magic system, and get to know the background of the gameworld. After this "warming up" period, new areas of exploration will be added one at a time, constrained by geographical and logical boundaries.


4 of 5
Solinari Gaming


FFVIII has been widely considered by the RPG community as an utter piece of crap - The worst work that Square ever did. Many hated the gameplay, the plot, and the fairly shallow characters - especially after playing the masterpiece that was FFVII. And this was all very understandable.


 7.5 of 10


Both of these love stories happen amidst the rise to power of a wicked sorceress, whose reign of terror is foreshadowed with the talk of a catastrophic War of the Sorceress, an event that seems recent enough, but for some reason the populace treats it almost as a legend and succumbs to her rule.


4 of 5


Japanese-Manga style animation appears to be invading modern PC games. And why not? Manga animation is accepted and widely popular among console players throughout the world. Porting graphics was once the main problem when converting PlayStation games to PC, but with the appearance of 3D accelerator cards on the market, this problem is beyond our worries.


80 of 100


Square return after the not so much ground-breaking as ground-shattering master class of all things fantastic that was Final Fantasy VII. With this in mind Final Fantasy VIII had an awful lot to live up to. Although it has a fair go at it, it doesn’t get close to the true inspiration of its prequel.


8 of 10
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