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Final Fantasy VIII PC Review

In this review, I won't review the game ITSELF because we already have a review here at FFShrine, but rather the differences between the PSX and the PC version.

Game Info:

Title: Final Fantasy VIII for the PC
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Release: January 2000
Platform: PC

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 95/98
DirectX 6.1
Intel Pentium II 200 (recommended Pentium II 266)
8 megs 3D accelerator (16 megs 3D accelerator recommended)
32 megs of RAM (64 megs recommended)
DirectSound and DirectMusic compatible sound card

The System I Used:
Windows 98
DirectX 7.0a
Intel Pentium III 500Mhz (required a patch to work)
3DFX Voodoo3 2000 AGP (16 megs)
128 megs of RAM
Sound Blaster PCI512 ( Environmental Audio enhanced)

Were you impressed by the graphics in FF8 on the PSX ? I was . BUT JUST YOU WAIT : That's NOTHING compared to the PC version. This time, Square did not make the same mistakes that they did with FF7PC. This time NOT ONLY the 3D sprites are awesome, so does the FMVs and the 2d background. However, still ONE FLAW : we can't change the resolution, we have to stick to 640 X 480, which,frankly speaking, sucks. Overall, though, there is a major evolution from FF7PC, and for that, thumbs up for Square.

Square has also improved in the sound department, because now instead of using General MIDI, we now use DirectMusic. Well, it sounds much better than General MIDI, I have to admit it. BUT THAT'S HOLY SH*T WHEN COMPARED TO THE MUSIC ON THE PSX !!! What a deception. Oh !!!! At least this time the vocal songs (Liberi Fatali, Eyes on Me and Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec) are NOT in MIDI - What a relief. One trick to this though : make SURE your CD-Rom can play audio CDs because those three songs are in CD audio format. If you can't play audio CDs on your PC, you're busted because you won't hear those songs... DOH !!! Two thumbs DOWN for Square in the sound department.

While the sound was FF7PC's biggest flaw, the gameplay is FF8PC's BIGGEST FLAW, WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT. Here are the only two advantages on the PC : the faster loading and you don't need a PocketStation to play Chocobo World (then again, who cares 'bout that ???). It's hard for me to admit, but the PSX version is MUCH MORE FUN to play. Three words : DualShock Analog controller. Makes a HUGE difference in Gameplay. Also, how come I have a computer that has TWICE the system requirements, but still GETS A SLOWER FRAMERATE THAN ON THE PSX ????? LAME, LAME, LAME !!! That's especially true with the world map, so much annoying frame skipping... Dang. Did I also mentioned I needed to wait FOUR WHOLE MONTHS to get a patch that solves the MANY BUGS in the game ??? LAME

Ok,ok. Square made a SLIGTHLY better effort with FF8PC than with FF7PC. But I though they learned their lesson. Seems like they don't care though , they'll make plenty of money anyways with the PC version. But trust me, if you want the best version, go for the PSX one.


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