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Squall's Limits are in my opinion the most powerful. The cool thing about his limit is that it he's dependant upon the weapon he currently would be using.

Weapons Limits
Revolver Love Divide
Keer Straight Faded Circle
Cutting Edge None
Flametan None
Lance of Slit Blasting Zone
Lionheart Lionheart


Rinoa relys on pet mags found around the game to access her limits. The limit consists of several attack techniques by the dog and the healing by the dog. Her second limit is turning into a angel that is uncontrolable for the battle, she attacks with powerful magic spells.

Attack Obtain them
Angelo Rush Initial Attack
Angelo Cannon Initial Attack
Angelo Shock Pet Mag. Vol.01
Angelo Recover Pet Mag Vol.02
Invisible Moon Pet Mag Vol.03
Angelo Reverse ---
Angelo Rebirth Pet Mag Vol.04
Angelo Search Pet Mag Vol.05
Wishing Star Pet Mag Vol.06
Angel Wings Third Disk


Irvine's limits are pretty cool. They are really strong too! They are used by pressing a series of button to fire the shells from the shotgun.

Bullet Limits
General Bullets Dark Shot
Flame Bullet Flame Shot
Initial Destructive Bullets Canister Shot
Quick shot bullets Quick Shot
Armor Shot Armor Piercing bullets
Hyper Shot Wave bullets


Selphie's Limits depend on the number of spells she has in her inventory. Her Limit is slots, the good thing about Selphie's Limit is that it won't cost you anything. But her reliability is really bad.

Slot Effect
Full Cure Restore all party's HP
Wall Cast Reflect, Shell and Cure on allies
Flight Detonator Wings appears on back of enemy
The End Kills all enemy (good hit rate)


You'll acquire Quistis's Limit Breaks when you use items that you find from different enemies.

There are total of sixteen listed here. Here are the sixteen locations where they are found.

Item Limits Location
None Laser Eye None (Default)
String of Kumo Super Vibration Fight caterpillarly enemy called Kedachiku. near the Balamb Area
Corel Fragment Thunder Strike Fight the Cockatrice near the Galbadia Area
Charm Claw Level ?? Death Fight Torai-Feisu. Found in the Underground Facility
Black Hole Detonator Fight the Gesuupas. Can only be fought in Laguna's Last scenario
Crystal Water Aqua Breath Use Rare Item Ability and fight Fokaroru
Missle Micro Missle Use Bundoru and steal it from GIM52A in Missle Base
Mysterious Liquid Boiling Liquid Fight Geira, near the Travia Snow area
Fang Machine Gun Gatling Gun Steal it from an enemy called SAM08G
Fire Dragon Fang Fire Breath Steal it from the Rumbuldragons in those wierd Islands closest to Heaven/Hell
Morbor's Tentacles Bad Breath Fight Morbors closest Island to Heaven/Hell
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Fight the robot boss in Lunatic Pandora
Wind Whisper Angel Whisper Steal it from the Adamintaimai on the shores of Long Horn Island
Barrier System Mighty Guard Steal it from Behemoths
HI Output Ray Bomb Fight Iron Warriors in Lunatic Pandora
Dark Matter Shockwave Phaser Collect 100 Charm Claws and then use Siren's Tools Menu Ability and make them into Dark Matter


Zell's Limit break allows you to customize your own combo of attacks, by hitting the X, O, Square, Triangle buttons. You have a 3-12 second time limit to make a combo. If you do certain attacks in a certain order, you can utilize finishing moves, that end the limit break.

Attack Button Motion Obtain them
Rush Punch Circle, X Initial Attack
Head Shock Right, Left Initial Attack
Heel Drop Down, Up Initial Attack
Mach Kick Back, Back, Circle Initial Attack
Dolphin Blow L1, R1, L1, R1 Warrior Guide 001
Meteo Strike Down, Circle, Up, Circle Warrior Guide 002
Burning Rave Down, Down, Down, Down,
Initial Attack
Meteo Blast Up, X, Down, Triangle, Circle Warrior Guide 003
Different Beat Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Up Warrior Guide 004
Final Heaven Up, Foward, Down, Back,
Warrior Guide 005


The other characters have only one limit break, like Laguna, who performs "Desperado". Laguna tosses a grenade, and then empties a few clips of ammo at his enemy before bailing out.


Kiros' limit is "Blood Pain". He uses his deadly katal and gives out a bunch of quick attack on the enemy.


"Heavy Anchor" is the limit break of Ward. He tosses his anchor high into the air, leaps after it and rides the anchor back right on the ground and hits all enemies.


Seifer's limit is called "Fire Cross", he hits the oppenent with a fire spell and he follows with a attack with a blast of energy from his gunblade.


Edea's limit break is called "Ice Strike". She uses her powerful sorceress magic to create a gigantic ice javelin and she throw it over the enemy.

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