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Final Fantasy 8 Story

Welcome to Balamb Garden, a college of sorts for training of extremely skilled mercenaries. The best of the best, the graduates from this academy are often called upon to change the tide of the many wars in this world. Take on the role of young Squall Leonhart as he approaches graduation. Think you're good at role-playing games? Think you have what it takes to join the ranks of SEED (what graduates of Balamb Garden are called)? While this is not as in-depth as Final Fantasy Tactics is, it will definitely benchmark your skills.

There are many that debate to this day whether or not Final Fantasy 8's story is better than Final Fantasy 7's. Regardless, it does take tremendous strides in the areas of graphics, music, and actual gameplay (an improved battle engine). As a stand-alone game, it's pretty awe-inspiring. But as far as the comparison between it and Final Fantasy VII, you'll just have to play them both and make that call on your own.

Final Fantasy 8 Release

Released around 9/9/99 in the US, Final Fantasy 8 brought many different thoughts and opinions. A demo was released with Brave Fencer Musashi prior to the game's release. Many played the demo and had mixed feelings towards it. The final product opened many things that were not in the demo, text tweekings and the junction system fully functional.

Fact: Final Fantasy 8 Demo that came with Brave Fencer Musashi was rated M. The language was soon toned down and released with a T rating.

Final Fantasy 8 Re-Release

This game has not been re-released on any system.

Introduction - A basic introduction to Final Fantasy 8, the story, and brief details on the release and re-release.

MIDI Downloads - Music from the original game soundtrack, but in MIDI form. Small file sizes for quick, easy and fast downloads!

Song Lyrics - Song lyrics to the Final Fantasy 8 tracks that include vocals. This section contains both Japanese and English lyrics. Lyrics to Liberi Fatali and Eyes On Me.

Sheet Music - Final Fantasy sheet music, most often from piano. Sometimes this sheet music may be scans from an officially released book of music (though often only available in Japan), or sometimes the sheet music is created by fans for fans.

Soundtracks - A complete list of all the Final Fantasy 8 soundtracks. Includes the Original Soundtrack/OST, Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec, the Eyes On Me single, and the Piano Collections.

PC Demo - An official PC demo that was originally offered from Square's website. Try out Final Fantasy 8 on the PC!

PSX Review - Final Fantasy Shrine's exclusive Final Fantasy 8 review for the playstation. A revolutionary game with a review to match it!

PC Review - Was the port from Playstation to PC any good? Check out what Murasame has to say in yet another exclusive Final Fantasy review.

Reviews - Links to some of the better external reviews on the web for Final Fantasy 8.

Characters - An introduction to all of the main and non-playable characters. Includes a short bio and weapon information, too.

Limit Breaks - Information on all of the characters' limit breaks. Tips and tricks to use them perfectly!

SeeD Tests - Want Final Fantasy 8 test answers? You got 'em!

Wallpapers - Official Final Fantasy 8 wallpapers. High resolution/quality. Originally posted on Square's site.

Magazines - Complete table of every magazine in Final Fantasy 8 and the locations where they're found.

Tips and Tricks - User-submitted tips, tricks and secrets/bugs from Final Fantasy 8. Submit your own!

Cover Scans- Extremely high quality scans of the covers, backs and inserts from Final Fantasy 8. Includes both PAL and NTSC versions.

Game Logo - High resolution image of the official Final Fantasy 8 game logo.

Team Interview - An interview with multiple members of the production team behind Final Fantasy 8.

PC Interview - An interview surrounding the announcement and release of the PC port for Final Fantasy 8.

Walkthrough - A walkthrough for Final Fantasy 8. If any of your questions aren't answered elsewhere, this is where you should head! A larger, more detailed HTML walkthrough with pictures will come eventually.

Official Art - Official Final Fantasy 8 artwork released by Square from both Amano and Nomura.

Final Fantasy 8 Index

- Introduction
- MIDI Downloads
- Song Lyrics
- Sheet Music
- Soundtracks
- Guardian Forces
--- Quezacotl
--- Shiva
--- Ifrit
--- Siren
--- The Brothers
--- Diablos
--- Carbuncle
--- Leviathan
--- Pandemona
--- Cerberus
--- Alexander
--- Doomtrain
--- Bahamut
--- Jumbo Cactaur
--- Tonberry King
--- Eden
- PC Demo
- PSX Review
- PC Review
- Reviews
- Characters
- Limit Breaks
- SeeD Tests
- Wallpapers
- Magazines
- Tips and Tricks
- Cover Scans
- Game Logo
- Team Interview
- PC Interview
- Walkthrough
- Official Artwork
--- Amano Art
--- Nomura Art
--- Rendered Art
- Triple Triad
--- Cards Level 1
--- Cards Level 2
--- Cards Level 3
--- Cards Level 4
--- Cards Level 5
--- Cards Level 6
--- Cards Level 7
--- Cards Level 8
--- Cards Level 9
--- Cards Level 10
- Poster Scans
- FMV Pictures
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