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Ending Script

Light... a light... is this... is this holy...?

Barret: Owww..., damn man!

Cloud: Barret!?

Barret: What? So everyone's together again?


<Sephiroth appears. Shockwave>

Cloud: Sephiroth!!


Barret: Ugh! Is this... Sephiroth's power?

Cid: body... I can't control my body... Uuugh!?

<All are drawn towards Sephiroth by some force. Shockwave>

Red: My front hind tail's about to rip off!!

Cait: This is definately not good...He's way outta our league...

Yuffie: I, I don't know if I can...go on.

<Blinking light and a bell noise>

Tifa: Cloud...Cloud...

Cloud: Ugh...ugh...

<Blinking light and a bell noise>

Cloud: ...There...It's...there...

Tifa: Cloud?

<Bright flash>

Cloud: there...Holy materia is shining...Aeris's prayer is shining!

Tifa: Holy...Aeris...

<Bright flash>

Cloud: It's not over yet...This isn't the end yet!!

<Make party; I chose: Cloud, Cid, Red; Tifa, Cait, Yuffie; Barret, Vincent. Choice: Let's go everyone! or Just a moment! All are drawn towards Sephiroth by some force. Shockwave>

Tifa: ...We're not gonna lose!!

<Tifa, Cait, Yuffie move to the left of the screen>

Tifa: Aeris is here...everyone is here...Cloud is here with us! There's still a lot for us to do...
I'm not giving up!!

<Barret and Vincent move to the right of the screen>

Barret: Not only Aeris...Holy is the prayer of AVALANCHE...Of Marlene and Dyne...And everyone on the Planet!

<Cloud, Red, Cid move to the center bottom of the screen>

Cloud: Aeris's memories...Our memories...We came to tell you...our memories...Come Planet! Show us your answer!
And Sephiroth!! To the settling of everything!!

<Two bright flashes and two bell noises. Background pulsates and then everything spirals down accompanied by a whirl noise increasing in pitch. Battle with Bizarro Sephiroth. Battle with Safer/Savior Sephiroth. Safer/Savior Sephiroth freezes and then evaporates amidst explosion noises and flashing white light. Everyone is tired, standing atop first entrance to planet's core where they all met up initially>

Cloud: This is all we could do.

Barret: Wait! What about Holy? What's gonna happen to the Planet?

Cloud: That...I don't know. Isn't the rest up to the Planet?

Tifa: ...You're right. We've done all that we could do.

Cloud: All right, everyone. We did our best. That's it. Let's go home proud.

<They all exit. Everyone except Cloud and Tifa are off screen. Bright flash and short wind noise>

Tifa: What happened?

Cloud: ...I feel it...

Tifa: What...

<Bright flash and short wind noise>

Cloud: He is

<Bright flash and wind noise. Wind noise continues. Cloud falls to his knees, holding his head and spazzing out>

Cloud: Still...

Tifa: Cloud!?

Cloud: He's...laughing...

<Part of Cloud (his consciousness) is flung away. Screen goes white. Noise stops>

Tifa: Cloud!

<Cinematic; Cloud's psyche falls through darkness, surrounded by a white energy. Aeris's theme plays, with various sound effects. More music plays from throughout the game, mixed and blended together. Focus on orb. The black area is surrounded by white contrails. Cloud moves through a stone tunnel. He opens his eyes. Sephiroth is standing there. Battle. Cloud kills Sephiroth with Omnislash. Sephiroth moves off, bloody and shocked. He explodes amidst white light and red contrails. Cloud looks on. Suddenly, Lifestream surrounds him and mako bubbles. The red contrails appear and all converge on him. White flash>

Clodu: ......Lifestream?

<Aeris' hand is seen. He reaches up, with spotlight all around him. Aeris theme, then turns into chaotic music. It was instead Tifa reaching for him. She falls as the area collapses. Cloud jumps up and hangs on with one hand, catching Tifa>

Cloud I think I'm beginning to understand.

Tifa: What?

Cloud: An answer from the planet. The Promised Land. I think I can meet her...there.

Tifa: Yeah, let's go meet her.

<Cloud pulls them up.>

Cloud: Hey, where is everyone?

Barret: Heeey.

<They're all sitting above them, but seem to be trapped too>

Tifa: I'm glad you're all safe!

Barret: They all seem to be safe, too. But... now what're we going to do?

Red: Holy should be moving soon, and that means this place will...

Cid: Oh, Lady Luck don't fail me now...

<The area rumbles and he looks up. He opens his mouth and cigarette falls. Highwind is falling down towards them. They fly out as holy emerges from crater. Highwind breaks up, pieces everywhere. They're flung away>

Cid: $%@#%!

<He grabs emergency toggle. They escape in a special jet pod. Scene shifts to Kalm, Marlene is in clock tower, seemingly praying over dinner. She suddenly opens her eyes and looks up>

Marlene: The flower girl?

<She looks out window, and sees Midgar in flames as Holy bears down on it. Cyclones form and tear Midgar apart. Lighting strikes the city, and debris is flung everywhere. Shinra HQ is getting hit the hardest, but innocent buildings are being torn to shreds too. Some reactors explode. Holy moves towards it, blue and shimmering. It cuts off the cyclones. Marlene covers her eyes due to the brightness. Cosmo Canyon's watchtower can see it. But holy turns red and Meteor pushes through, doing more damage than ever. Scene shifts to Pod. Everyone look down on Meteor>

Barret: Wait a damn minute. What's going to happen to Midgar? We can't let that happen.

Ait: I had everyone take refuge in the slums...but the way things are now...

Red: It's too late for Holy. Meteor is approaching the Planet. Holy is having the opposite effect. Forget Midgar, we've gotta worry about the Planet.

<Meteor is going to hit it seems. Cloud looks at Tifa>

Tifa: What's that?

<A green light appears. Lifestream emerges from the ground, and starts heading towards Meteor. First its' one trail, but then others appear. They converge>

Barret: What the hell IS that....?

Cloud: ....Lifestream.

<They weave through the Clouds. People In Kalm open their shutters to look at it>

Marlene: It's coming.

<The Lifestream moves over hills towards the source of evil energy. Migar is coming apart, but Lifestream intercepts Meteor. Its coming from seemingly everywhere on the planet now, as the scene zooms out. It creates a wall and there’s a bright flash. Aeris's face is seen>


<Five hundred years later...>

<Camera moves through clouds down towards Planet. Red and two younger kids are runing through a canyon accompanied by Cosmo Canyon's theme. They jump up a mountain face. They look over the cliff, and Red nods to his child on his left and then looks up towards Midgar and roars. Birds fly over head and camera zooms out on Midgar. It's completely natural now, but there is smoke off in the distance. FF7 Logo appears>

<Children laughing, screen is black>


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