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Final Fantasy VI Tips

Automatic Defeat of Enemies:
If you have the Gem Box relic and you know the Vanish and Doom or X-Zone spells, then you can take any enemy out with one hit. Cast Vanish on the enemy, then cast Doom or X-Zone. X-Zone works more often than Doom does, however.

8-part Atack:
Equip the Genji Glove and Offering to attack 8-times in a row!

Sure With Doom:
You can heal your entire party instantly with the Doom spell by following this process. First, equip one member of the party with the Relic Ring. Then, in battle, cast Doom on that member. The entire party's HP will be healed.

(World of Ruin) If you equip 2 experience eggs on each member of your party and fight Tyrranosaurs and Brachosaurs in the forest North of the Veldt, you can gain tonz of experience.

Level 99 Near the Beginning of the Game!
This trick requires a controller with autofire. This is when you are just departing from the Returner's hideout to go to Narshe through the rapids, and have a party of Terra, Sabin, and Banon. Before getting on the raft, set the cursor to memory. In the rapids, the very first loop after the first save point, select "up," and you can continue on in a infinite loop. Set each person to fight, except Banon, whou should heal, then turn on the autofire. Your party will do battle and no one will die. Turn off the TV and let it sit for about 3 days (if you want to get all the way to level 99), every character will have gained major levels!Terra and Celes will also gain some great spells, such as Fire3 and Ice3, respectively.

Magic Points:
(World of Ruin) Fight Cactrots in the Desert south of Maranda. Cactrots give you 10 magic points each!

Relm's Sketch Glitch:
This is a glitch in FF3. It can do many good and bad things to your game. It can: Give you LOTS of each item/weapon/armor/relic (such as 255 Economizers and several Gem boxes). Completely and permanently destroy the save slot you're using for the current game. Do a complete memory reset, leaving you with three blank save slots. This bug has its risks. There are a few ways that it can be triggered. The first is to go to the Veldt with Gau and Relm in your party. Use Gau's jump move, and when he comes back to your party quickly have Relm sketch him. The second method is to have Relm sketch a vanished monster. The Gau method is probably the best, though.

Unlimited Experience Eggs:
To get unlimited Experience Eggs, bet Elixirs at the Colloseum for Rename Cards, then bet those for your Experience Eggs.

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