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Final Fantasy VI Skills List


Morph - Terra has the ability to Morph into an esper during battle. She can't do this however until you bring her the Esper Maduin, her father from the Magitek Research Facility. While she is an esper, all of her stats increase, but this lasts for only a short period of time.


Steal - Locke has the ability to steal items or weapons from enemies. However, when you start the game, his sucess rate is very low. If you equip him with the Sneak Ring Relic, his chance of Stealing will increase. Also, if you give him the Thief Glove, his steal command will change into "capture". Also, he will occationally use capture is you equip him with the Thief Knife.


Tools - Edgar has 8 tools that he uses during battle:

1. Autocrossbow - Edgar takes out a crossbow hitting all enemies.

2. Noiseblaster - Edgar takes out a noise machine and confuses some enemies

3. Bio Blaster - Edgar sprays poison gas onto all enemies, poisoning and donig some damage

4. Flash - Edgar takes out a camera, and emits a bright flash hitting all enemies

5. Drill - Edgar takes out a drill and does heavy damage to 1 enemy.

6. Chainsaw - Edgar takes out a Chainsaw and does massive damage to one enemy, sometimes killing them instantly

7. Debilitator - Edgar will randomly change the weak point of one of your enemies

8. Air Anchor - Edgar takes an anchor that causes enemies to self-destruct if they move.


Blitz - Sabin has the ability to blitz his enemies doing quite a large amount of damage.

1. Pummel - (left, right, left) Sabin will pummel 1 enemy only for moderate damage.

2. Aurabolt - (down, left, left) Sabin will shoot a bolt of energy out of his hands on a single enemy

3. Suplex - (X, Y, down, up) Sabin will grab a single enemy and suplex them.

4. Fire Dance - (left, down, down, right, right) Sabin will start to chant and then small Sabin's made out of fire will strike all enemies.

5. Mantra - (R, L, R, L, X, Y) Sabin will chant and the party will regain some of their HP

6. Air Blade - (up, right, right, down, down, left, left) Sabin will throw blades of air at all enemies.

7. Spiraler - (R, L, X, Y, right, left) Sabin refreshes the party at the expense of himself.

8. Bum Rush - (left, up, up, right, right, down, down, left, left) Sabin will attack a single enemy for heavy damage. This is the best blitz in the game.


Runic - Celes will use the power of her blade to absorb all magic casted by the enemy power, and absorb it as MP for herself.


Throw - Shadow has the ability to throw items and weapons at enemies. He can throw most of the weapons in the game, plus all kinds of ninja weapons and ninja stars.


SwordTech - Cyan can use powerful attacks with his sword

1. Dispatch - Cyan leaps in the air and hits a single enemy with a Sword Strike

2. Retort - Cyan protects himself from attacks, and will counterattack if attacked

3. Slash - Cyan will slash an enemies HP by half

4. Quadra Slam - Cyan will slash the enemies 4 times

5. Empowerer - Cyan will drain HP and MP from an enemy

6. Stunner - Cyan hits all enemies, occationally causing them to Stop

7. Quadra Slice - A stronger version of Quadra Slam

8. Cleave - Destroys all monsters with a single swing.


Rage - Gau has the ability to use the power of the monsters. He can only learn his attacks on the veldt by using the leap command that only appears there.


Slots - Setzer spins a slot machine, and different things will happen.

1. Lagomorph - Any 3 nonmatching images will make a small healing spell

2. Chocobop - 3 chocobo's make a flock of chocobo's appear hitting all enemies

3. 7-Flush - 3 sevens takes out the entire enemy party

4. H-Bomb - 3 airships makes an airship appear attacking all the enemies

5. Joker Doom - 2 sevens and a bar scores Joker doom wiping out EVERYONE

6. Mega Flare - 3 birds score a hear based attack

7. Magicite - 3 bars will summon a random esper

8. Flash - 3 blue diamonds makes a burst of light appear attacking all enemies


Lore - Strago is your Blue Mage. He will be able to use skills he has learned from monsters.


Relm has the ability to sketch her foes and use one of their skills against them. However, I have found that this skill sometimes will mess up my game, forcing me to turn off the game. Use this one sparingly.


Dance - Mog has the ability to Dance to do different things

1. Wind Song (Learn in Grassfields)

2. Forest Suite (Learn in Forests)

3. Desert Aria (Learn in Desert)

4. Love Sonata (Learn in Town)

5. Earth Blues (Learn in Mountains)

6. Water Rondo (Learn in Water)

7. Dusk Requiem (Learn in Caves)

8. Snowman Jazz (Learn in Snow)


Rage - During battle, Umaro falls into a rage and you can't control him.


Mimic - Gogo has the ability to mimic other characters actions in battle. Also, if you go into Gogo's status screen, you can give Gogo any of the skills in the game your other characters have.

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