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Final Fantasy VI Review

Release Date : (?)
Company : Squaresoft
Genre : RPG
Console : Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom)
Retail Price : $19.99 - $29.99
Favorite Quote : "I prefer the term Treasure Hunter."
-- Locke when called a Thief

On every console system, there is always a game that changes the way things are done. For the Nintendo, it was good ol' Mario. For the Playstation it would be considered either Final Fantasy 7, or Resident Evil. On the Saturn, the game Nights stood on top, and for the Genesis, mostly all there sports games traveled onto another system. The point I am trying to make here, is that Final Fantasy 6 (3 U.S.) is such a game. This was the first RPG and for the most part, Game that introduced such mature elements as Love between two, and Hope and Fate, deciding whether or not one lives or dies. The theme of FF6 was "friends" and rightfully so....without them, most of the characters in this game would feel empty. Honestly, besides Squaresoft's legendary Chrono Trigger, I don't think there is a game that has done more for a console.

Unmistakably Square's greatest talent is creating storyline's for games. Of course, a story would suck without the proper characters, plot twists, and regular suprises.....which Square also does. Even to this very day, the storyline is still unrivaled by even the greatest of games. In a world, where magic has been eliminated with the imposing threat of Technology, there still remains the few reports here and there of the occasional Esper....a magical creature who's powers can be drained into power for armor, weapons and even own personal gain. One girl had the gift of magic since she was born......and she remains the only of her kind. She is human.....yet her mysterious powers resemble that of an Esper. Although along the story, the reasons for this will indeed be explained, the overall mystery of why Espers are few and far inbetween, why magic is mysteriously gone from the Planet, and why things like this are allowed to happen will be explained. Eventually, the magic user, who's name is Terra, is brainwashed into doing the every bidding of an evil Empire, and she has to check out the reports of an frozen Esper discovered in Narshe. When she does finally fall upon the Esper.....she has a strange reaction....and from there, things start getting really good. Of course, you wouldn't want me to ruin the story for you, now would you ?

RATING : 10/10

Another area of brilliance in Final Fantasy 6 is the excellent execution of it's music by Nobuo Uematsu. Each track fits the mood of a particular area perfectly, while still making it enjoyable to listen and making the game much more fun to play. Tracks such as "Espers", "Ahead on Our Way", and even "The Escape" theme makes this game truley a tribute to Square's abilitites. From dreary death themes, to upbeat battle tunes, this game simply won't be outdone. A classic even to this day.

RATING : 9.5/10

As I have told you all before, this game introduced alot of new things to the game world that other games just never dared to step on. This immediately makes this game's innovation rating very high...but there is one thing.....that I ALWAYS complain about.....that never does get revolved. The game's random battle system. I guess it's a smart move that Square keeps the Random battle system......since it's a system all gamers know and are used to. Still, I do wish that we can see the enemies. One thing that does make this a lot easier to deal with is the Moogle Charm which you get later in the game. Just slip this relic on, and you'll encounter NO badies at all. Awesome, no ? It makes things alot easier, trust me. They should include this charm in every Final Fantasy. Other things that are innovative are some of the quests themselves. Things such as the Opera scene, which makes you memorize a certain part of a Opera, and then recite them back. Other's like the Raft Escape, or the Arena, all add to this game, while not feeling like it was thrown in for good measure. There are still some good ol' Final Fantasy memorabilia that can be found in the game....such as the Airship, Chocobo's and even Cid. A very good thing always get's better when it's innovative. RATING : 9.5/10

FUN FACTOR : 8.5/10

OVERALL : 10/10

Review by FF_Gaiden

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