Final Fantasy Music


Final Fantasy 6 Story

The War of the Magi, an event that caused the whole world to be reduced to nearly nothing. Within the course of 1000 years, magic faded out of existance while new technology grew. However, there are those who want to revive magic and become powerful.

Terra, a girl of mysterious esper power, runs from the Empire after being used as a puppet. She fights on for what she believes is right but feels a slight sense that something is missing inside her...

Final Fantasy 6 Release

As being the last Final Fantasy game to be released in the 16-bit generation, it shows what the 16-bit generation systems were all about. It was well known in the Super Nintendo market and reached high sales, though it was released in the US as "Final Fantasy 3". Unfortunately for the European players, 2002 was the first time they actually get to play Final Fantasy 6. Thats nearly 8 years since it came out in Japan and US.

Final Fantasy 6 Re-Release

Final Fantasy 6 was re-released on the PSX in a collection of Final Fantasy games. Japan had Final Fantasy Collection which featured Final Fantasy 4-6. US had Final Fantasy Anthology which featured Final Fantasy 6 along with Final Fantasy 5. Europe ended up with Final Fantasy 6 but at least they got a Final Fantasy X demo... assuming they had a PS2 to play it on.

Introduction - A basic introduction to the game, the story, and brief details on the release and re-release.

MIDI Downloads - Music from the original game soundtrack, but in MIDI form. Small file sizes for quick, easy and fast downloads!

Sheet Music - Final Fantasy 6 sheet music, most often from piano. Sometimes this sheet music may be scans from an officially released book of music (though often only available in Japan), or sometimes the sheet music is created by fans for fans.

Walkthrough - A walkthrough for Final Fantasy 6. If any of your questions aren't answered elsewhere, this is where you should head! A larger, more detailed HTML walkthrough with pictures will come eventually.

Colloseum - Tips and details on the colloseum section of Final Fantasy 6. Absolutely anything you could need to know about the colloseum, and tons more!

World Maps - High resolution world map pictures, including names of all locations. Lost? This might help.

Review - Final Fantasy Shrine's official Final Fantasy 6 review, written by FF_Gaiden. Also includes some more detailed release information and quotes.

Tips - General Final Fantasy 6 game tricks and tips. Covers everything from basic strategy to broken bugs.

Skills - Character skills for all party members. Includes a description, details, and strategy on using them.



Final Fantasy 6 Index

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