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Final Fantasy V Review

Game Info:
Title: Final Fantasy V
Console: Snes (1992), PSX (1999)
North American release : 1999 (the Snes version never got released here)
Developer : Squaresoft
Publisher: Squaresoft
Genre: Traditional RPG

An "old-fashioned" Final Fantasy story…The four Crystals of elements are about to break and you must protect them…So what ? That doesn't mean it's not good…I, for one, NEVER get tired of trying to save our crystals of elements lol Seriously, it's not only that…Expect lots of humor and interaction between the character, medieval action and world-saving…The "classic" Final Fantasy style…We never get tired of it…

Well… Being released between them FF5 is a cross between FF4 and FF6 in terms of graphics (obviously…) so don't expect 3-d rendered characters and CG movies (ooops…Forget about the movies lol ) But, by taking into accounts how the graphic technology was back in 1992 this isn't so bad…Pretty much like when FF4 was released…Bad in the overworld and towns…awesome in the battles…

Okay…How can I make a briefing of that soundtrack ? Ok four words: romantic, catchy, action-packed….Got the idea ? YET ANOTHER one of Nobuo Uematsu's masterpieces…Fitting and beautiful songs throughout the entire game…Still listens to midis from the game…That tells you how good it is.

Here, the job system does ALL the job for the originality…Liked the job system in Final Fantasy Tactics ? Though it was original ? WRONG ! It's exactly like in FF5…With a few more twists…You can take abilities from other jobs and create unique characters like the always-useful "knight that uses white magic" or the original "black mage that jumps". Not taking into account the various abilities that you can learn…In short, you'll want to master the most possible jobs to get the most abilities …

Replay value:
Well, pretty much like any good RPG you're tempted to redo the game after it's finished…But I have to admit I didn't …Why ? I probably would have if I'd have got that game back in 1992 but now it is not so interesting to redo it…Much more games are waiting for me to master lol I'll probably redo it on the Anthology version because I did it with the emulated version a while ago…That is, when bleem! will make it work fine :-p

Is Final Fantasy V worthy of being a Final Fantasy game ? Most definitely. Is it the best Final Fantasy game ? Most definitely not. But if you're a TRUE FF fan you'll do it…Even if you're not why not give it a try ? You might find a couple of surprises…


Story: 4.5/5
Graphics: 4/5
Soundtrack: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Replay Value: 4/5
Overall : 90 %

>> Review by Murasame

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